“As A Black Woman My Heart Aches”

Dear Members, Friends, and Colleagues,

Our nation is mourning and fighting. We are all mourning the senseless loss of George Floyd, as well as every other Black life prematurely lost due to police brutality. And we are all fighting against racism and for the safety of Black men and women in America. This weekend we saw protests demanding reform to our criminal justice system. A system that has been fundamentally flawed from inception.

As a Black woman and the Founder and CEO of an organization that is focused on supporting multicultural women, my heart aches for my community and I stand with those tired of their voices not being heard. In these challenging times, we must remember the power of overcoming adversity through unity. I urge all allies of the Black community to step up and utilize their voices to speak for the silenced and to influence change.

For the past decade, Walker’s Legacy, a global platform for the professional and entrepreneurial multicultural woman, has strived to level the playing field for women in business by promoting career advancement, skill sets, and the growth of networks. While the Walker’s Legacy Foundation, the non-profit sister organization created in 2016, has provided programming focused on improving financial literacy & empowerment skills for low income, high potential multicultural women, and girls. Support us in our mission-driven work. Make a donation to our foundation today. You can also support us by becoming a Walker’s Legacy corporate member.

Together we can enact real power through our vote. The journey of justice and peace did not start today and it does not end today. This is a marathon, not a sprint, so take time to care for yourself and remain focused on the positive action that will change the course of history for the better.


Walker's Legacy

Walker’s Legacy is a digital platform for the professional and entrepreneurial multicultural woman and exists to inspire, equip, and engage through thought-provoking content, educational programming, and a global community.

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