3 Ways To Be Productive During Spring Break

Spring break is upon us and for many, this is the time to take a much-needed break from all the rigorous studying to travel to exotic locations or visit home. Unfortunately, many professors use this holiday to assign major projects. However, many students get so caught up in the excitement of their spring break activities, that they forget about these assignments until the appointed hour.

If you have fallen prey to this before, here are three ways to remain productive during spring break.

Start Your Break Late

If you find yourself burdened with many assignment deadlines during your spring break, it may be a good idea to delay your plans and use the first two or three days to complete them. Getting your work done early will ensure that you do not have to rush to complete them and allows you to take the time to do them well. It will also allow you to enjoy the rest of your break without having to worry about the work you have to do.

Make Use of Moments in Between Activities

Another way to ensure that your spring break is productive is to make use of the moments in between the activities that you have planned. To do this, you can wake up a little earlier in the mornings and work on your assignments for an hour or two before you start any plans you have for the day. If this is practiced daily, your workload will gradually get smaller and you will get it all done while enjoying your break.

Cut Your Break Short

Finally, only make plans for the first few days of your break and leave an extra day or two to complete your tasks. It is not always easy to get back into the mindset of school when you are on a break and many have a hard time doing so. However, if you have the discipline to put an end to your plans early, you will be able to complete your assignments in a timely manner without having to rush or worry about deadlines.

Chevel Powell

Chevel Powell is an international student from Jamaica who currently studies at Dillard University. She intends to attend law school after completing her bachelors degree in Political Science. Her interests include; writing, reading, political analysis, volunteerism and taekwondo. She lives by the mantra "if it is to be, its up to me." She is commonly described as ambitious, assertive, goal oriented and altruistic.

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