Keep Your Peace: 4 Ways to Combat Rumors

Many of us have been in the situation where a rumor was spread either about us or about someone close to us on campus. Having rumors spread about you among your peers at school is one thing, having those rumors sneak their way into the workplace is an even worse situation! Here are some tips that may help you when trying to combat the falsities of other’s words:

Do Not Feed Into the Rumor Mill:

These rumors are not true and you want them to stop, we both know this. However, this is not a situation where one would fight fire with fire. Do not play into their game, they want an outlandish and extreme reaction out of you – so they can create more rumors.

Tell Someone

Do not suffer in silence. There is no reward for not telling someone that you feel your character is being defamed. Words can and do hurt people and sometimes women can be the best perpetrator of discomfort and anger. If what you are experiencing seems like bullying and is affecting your ability to do phenomenal work at your place of business then do what is needed to remove the problem from the workplace.

Watch the Company You Keep

If they talk about other people with you, they talk about you with other people. Those who seek to gossip about other’s lives usually do not have limits to what or who they speak on in any situation. This does not mean be antisocial and not to converse with anyone. Engage with your colleagues and even make friends, just choose wisely.

Again, Tell Someone

Please, if you feel as if you are being bullied then let some higher position in the workplace know. Remember, bullying does not stop at any giving age. Furthermore, if you suspect that these events are occurring due to you being a woman of color in the workplace then please follow suit and proceed with the process your workplace has for these types of ordeals.

Ladies, choose to empower those around you instead of tearing each other down. The world needs more solidarity with women, especially with women of color.


Mikyala Moore

Dillard University student from Kansas City who majors in criminal justice and wants you to know what I am thinking.

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