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Everyone has a dream job, but not everyone does what it takes to prepare for it. It is a good thing to be prepared for the future and whether or not you have that preparation is what will make or break you during an interview process. Experience and information are key.  Below are some ways you can gain experience while still in school so you can be ready to start the career of your dreams

In college on and off campus, there are many internships available. An internship in your field of work will greatly benefit you. Whether you get paid or not, the fact that you are able to gain experience in a related field will be the quality that will be a prominent piece of your resume.

In addition internships, take advantage of events on campus and off campus that will help you gain the experience you need to be the most qualified for your dream job. It could be something as simple as tutoring students for a math course or helping to design a poster for an upcoming symposium and presenting it. Experiences such as these will help prepare you for your dream job because they will harness the two essential skills needed for any job regardless of the organization or industry: leadership and teamwork.

Lastly, converse with those who are in the field you desire to work in. There is no better account of an experience than someone who has actually been there in that position.

The information that can come from a person who has already had the experience you are trying to seek is priceless.

You may gain some information that will not be communicated to you via the handbook. An informer could be a mentor, teacher, or someone who is currently in the business. Even if you are shy about approaching people in person, make sure to retrieve an e-mail or phone number to maintain contact with the individual. Remember that in some cases, it is not what you know, but who you know.

Simply put, those who have prior experience with the field are usually the ones who get chosen for the job. You may have the best personality out of all the other candidates, but what is documented on the resume is one of the first determinants of whether you receive an interview or not. Getting the experience needed to be the best candidate is entirely dependent upon what you choose to do with your time on and off campus.


Mikyala Moore

Dillard University student from Kansas City who majors in criminal justice and wants you to know what I am thinking.

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