Why You Should Dress Like You Mean Business [Opinion]

I want to remind women why what you wear is so important. What you wear daily communicates both your competence, your value, and your authority, and your aspirations through the visual of our dress. Through our presence.

Humans are visual, that’s how our species survived. What we see, determines the action we take and helps us connect to each other. And those instincts survive today. The way we look continues to be the predictor of our behavior, filtered through the adaptive unconscious.

My point is that we can strategically plan how we want to be seen in our work environment to express our power and potential for leadership. And, as any marketing professional knows, our message needs to be consistent on a daily basis. That’s the ‘personal brand’ message you’ve probably heard about. And that’s how we develop trust. Continuous repetition of your message makes it stronger.

I believe that today, women in the corporate world need to be especially vigilant in crafting our unique message and making certain it is consistent. Our image is everywhere thanks to the internet and social media, and every image adds another impression of you. And each face-to-face interaction you have is yet another impression. You have the power to affect how people see you. If we want our story to remain constant and our influence to grow we need to make this a priority.

“…tell your story and your aspirations with the greatest impact. Imagine how much more meaningful your life could be.”

The way you look affects the way you think, the way you feel, the way you act and the way others react to you. What if this is the secret sauce to stopping that nagging self-doubt of imposter syndrome that follows you around incessantly?

All you have to do is decide! So tell people your story, your way, every day.

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