10 Must Read Inspirational Books For 2020

The Holiday Season can feel exhausting and we often feel the burnout from twelve months of constant running around, business ventures, and making sure our goals are met. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a mental break before prepping for another year of business. Digging into a book can do just that! Here is a perfect list of must reads to get you ready for 2020.

1. So Close To Being The Sh*t, Y’all Don’t Even Know

Author: Retta
Synopsis: Retta, a comedian and actress, shares personal stories that led to her success in Hollywood life. This book will have you laughing on the path to personal success.


2. The Last Black Unicorn

Author: Tiffany Haddish
Synopsis: Tiffany, also an actress/comedian, shares stories of her struggle that led to her success. This book will keep you focused on your goals with an overdose of humor.

3. #GirlBoss

Author: Sophia Amoruso
Synopsis: This New York Times bestseller gives you a transparent view into the founder of a successful lady brand, Nasty Gal. This is a definite read for all #GirlBosses.

4. Secrets of Six-Figure Women

Barbara Stanny
Synopsis: The author, Barbara Stanny, takes a deep dive into the inequality of the earning business woman with a good motivational/cheerleading attitude toward success, all while teaching you how to be a high earner.

5. You Are Enough: How to Love The Skin You’re In & Embrace Your Awesomeness

Author: Harri Rose

Synopsis: Harri Rose is your overqualified health coach that preaches unapologetic body acceptance and managing a creative lifestyle. Women are pressured into the idea of obtaining a “perfect body” constantly, which in turn, takes away from our overall goals.


6. I Am THAT Girl

Author: Alexis Jones
Synopsis: This self-help book will help you hone in on your focuses of the new year through our media-distracted world.

7. Queenie

Author: Candice Carty-Williams
Synopsis: Candice Carty-Williams’ urban fiction novel tells a hilariously compelling story of a young African American woman struggling to find balance in her life. Between her job, lover, and family, Queenie simply wants everyone to respect her and her life goals.


8. Successful Women Think Differently

Author: Valorie Burton
Synopsis: Valorie is a certified professional coach with years of experience under her belt. In this detailed book, she highlights the importance of decision making, setting goals, and bouncing back from failures. She’s surely dedicated to help women empower their business ventures.

9. Woman Up!

Author: Aimee Cohen
Synopsis: This book is the queen of resources for women who have difficulties moving out of their own way to reach their goals and get ahead in their careers.

10. The Queen of Hearts

Author: Kimmery Martin
Synopsis: This powerful fiction novel pulses with humor and empathy as it explores a woman’s heart of forgiveness 




Jannah Bolds is a writer, journalist and responsible for membership and subscription engagement for Walker's Legacy.

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