50 Women of Color-Owned Companies to Shop With During The Holiday Season

The Holiday Season is the most popular sales time of the year. Everything kicks off with Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. I certainly remember those insane, early-morning Friday frenzies where people stampeded their way to $5 DVDs and $20 Barbie dolls. Then right behind Friday, came Small Business Saturday, which disproportionally didn’t get as much attention as Friday – especially the minority owned ones.

Unsure of what business to support and turn your dollars into black dollars? Here is a list of 50 businesses operated and managed by minority women. Shop online or find their storefront.

1) The Mommy Wipe

Mommy Wipes are small, individually packaged, cleaning wipes specially crafted for moms on-the-go! Gift this to a deserving mother who would love nothing more than to keep her mommy clothes stain-free.
Owner: Julia Webb
Business Category: Baby Care
Online Only: Yes

2) The Brown Crayon Project

The Brown Crayon Project is the world’s first certified-organic line of skin and hair products for babies, toddlers, and children of color. Products are specially formulated to heal, protect, and nourish baby’s skin.
Owner: Selma Idris
Business Category: Baby Care
Online Only: Yes

3) Terra-Tory

The mission at
TERRA-TORY is to create hypoallergenic skin care for everyone and every skin type by using fresh superfoods to put together wholesome, safe, natural and effective products.
Owner: Kimberly Waldrop
Business Category: Skin Care
Online Only: Yes

4) PUR Home

PUR Home is home to an all natural, eco-friendly household environment. Live chemical free  with PUR’s plant based, bio-degradable products.
Owners:  Angela & Michelle Richardson
Business Category: Home
Cleaning Products

Online Only: Yes

5) Pholk

Pholk is a naturally derived skin care line that prides itself in using natural elements inspired by the African Diaspora.
Owner: Niambi Cacchioli
Business Category: Beauty Care
Online Only: No
Physical Address: 203 Monticello Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07304

6) Organic Bath Co.

Organic Bath Co. believes in self-care without the difficulties .This award winning bath and body product line only uses organic and natural ingredients that are safe, and effective.  
Owner: Gianne Doherty
Business Category: Skin Care
Online Only: No Physical
Address: 50 Terminal St, STE 720
Charlestown, MA 02129

7) Mischo Beauty

The mission at Mischo Beauty is to tackle nail lacquer chemical formulas. Mischo Beauty assures that its formula has always been 10FREE, which means it contains for Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), parabens, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, Triphenyl Phosphate, and no tert-butyl hydroperoxide.
Owner: Kitiya King
Business Category: Beauty – Nail Care
Online Only: Yes

8) Laws of Nature

Laws of Nature Cosmetics is an organic and natural mineral foundation line for Women of Color. This mineral mixture is non-toxic and formulated with high-performance botanical ingredients designed to nourish and protect.
Owner: Jasmine Rose
Business Category: Beauty – Cosmetics
Online Only: Yes

9) Jacq’s

The mission at Jacq’s is to help women slay naturally by bringing a range of organic and natural skin care to the International beauty, health, and wellness market.
Owner: Barbara Jacques
Business Category: Skin Care
Online Only: No
Physical Address: 61 SW 3rd Ave, Dania Beach, FL 33004

10) Harlem Candle Co.

The Harlem Candle Co.  is a luxury home fragrance brand specializing in scented candles inspired by the richness of Harlem. Founded in 2014 by travel and lifestyle expert Teri Johnson, the Harlem Candle Company is the manifestation of her love affair with fragrance, jazz, and Harlem.
Owner: Teri Johnson
Business Category: Luxury Candles
Online Only: Yes

11) Alchemy Body Shop

Alchemy Body Shop was birthed from a need for honest & clean products that are affordable + sustainable. We know there are lots of like-minded WOC out there (we see you!) who share the passion & pull of wellness. We are here to tell you, look no further.
Owner: Veronica Smith
Business Category: Beauty Care & Candles
Online Only: Yes

12) Nubian Hueman

Nubian Hueman is a catalyst for culture, community, and the development of the creative economy by connecting the consumer to independent artists from across the world.  We bring popular culture, and fair-trade to a modern brand experience by serving as a means to promote collective interaction, community development, and global responsibility through a fresh and artistic platform
Owner: Anika Hobbs
Business Category: Men’s & Women’s Apparel
Online Only: No
Physical Address: 1231 Good Hope Road SE, Washington, DC 20020

13) iwi Fresh

Yogi, the Skincare Chef, hand-picks fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs from the farm. She brings a batch from the farm to the iwi fresh kitchen, where she juices and mixes them into a powder base used to make skincare recipes. These farm fresh products are used during our services so you can enjoy the long-lasting benefits of raw skin care
Owner: Yogi
Business Category: Day Spa & Skin Care
Online Only: No
Physical Address: 341 Nelson St., Atlanta, GA 30313

14) Earthen Imprints

Earthen Imprints believes in the calm mind, captivating, healing energy of Mama Earth and seeks to incorporate her beautiful energy into every hand-crafted candle and earthy aroma.
Owner: Rasheena Baptiste
Business Category: Home Fragrance and Decor
Online Only: Yes

15) A Lady’s Thread Boutique

A Lady’s Thread Boutique pushes to offer versatile threads that are chic, classy, and casual.
Owner: Porshetta Scales
Business Category: Women’s Fashion
Online Only: Yes

16) The Honey Pot Co.

The Honey Pot Co. is the first complete feminine care system that lenses, protects, and balances your vagina by the power of 100% natural herbs.
Owner: Bea Feliu-Espada
Business Category: Feminine Care
Online Only: Yes

17) CoCo & Breezy

Coco and Breezy Eyewear was founded in 2009 by twin designers Corianna and Brianna Dotson. Their early designs were an instant hit in the entertainment and fashion world, and can be found in most major publications, e.g. Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Coco and Breezy’s designs have ranged from the “third-eye” sunglasses for the late Prince to recent collaborations with Hershey’s, Ciroc, and SIX:02.
Owner: CoCo & Breezy
Business Category: Fashion Eyewear
Online Only: Yes


GRL TRBL (pronounced “girl trouble”) was founded in March 2017 as a direct response to the Trump administration. Those born into oppression are rebels by birthright – the girls of the world have always meant trouble for the status quo. GRL TRBL believes that real change can only happen when all women come together to dismantle racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and classism.
Owner: Emerald Pellot
Business Category: Art and Apparel
Online Only: Yes

19) Melt Cosmetics

Melt Cosmetics is more than a cosmetic brand, it embodies the freedom of expression through makeup while empowering its cult following to be unapologetically themselves!
Owner: Lora Arrellano
Business Category: Cosmetics
Online Only: Yes 

20)  Viva La Bonita

Viva La Bonita is a Latina lifestyle apparel brand inspired by the spirit of the women who are fearless!
Owner: Rachel Gomez
Business Category: Streetwear Apparel
Online Only: Yes

21) Green Box Shop

The Green Box Shop was born in 2016 when the founder struggled to find any bold social justice tees, so she decided to make them herself! GBS is now growing and evolving to spread awareness to social issues!
Owner: Kayla Robinson
Business Category: Streetwear Apparel
Online Only: Yes

22)  Brown Badass Bonita

Brown Badass Bonita uses art as a way of healing and celebrating mi cultura!
Owner: Kimberly Bjanes
Business Category: Women’s Fashion Apparel
Online Only: Yes

23)  Hija Tu Madre

Hija de Tu Madre celebrates the beautiful mess that is being Latina and Latinx. Each piece of art and clothing is inspired by my cultural crossroads.
Owner: Patty Delgado
Business Category: Women’s Fashion Apparel
Online Only: Yes

24) MicMas Remix

MicMas ReMiX‘s aim is to provide great quality hair oil products and supportive guidance to better care for coarse and coily tresses whether it’s natural, relaxed or dreadlocked.
Owner: Adassa Ramirez
Business Category: Women’s Fashion Apparel
Online Only: Yes

25) Sincerely Jules

Julie strives to create beautiful content to inspire her consumers. She lives by the motto ‘Dream, Believe, Achieve’ and encourages everyone to do the same.
Owner: Julie Sarinana
Business Category: Women’s Fashion Apparel
Online Only: Yes 

26) Babe Comets

Joan’s plunge into pompom making, after what felt like a lifelong hiatus from creativity, gave way to this beautiful Babe Comets community that has become larger than life.
Owner: Joan de Jesus
Business Category: Women’s accessories
Online Only: Yes

27)  Rizos Curls

I wanted a product made with quality and natural ingredients that could celebrate all curl types, from my Tia’s coily strands to my sister’s loose waves.” Rizos Curls was created from the heart and the perfect formula for defined, bouncy, shiny, frizz-free, soft, voluminous curls.
Owner: Julissa Prado
Business Category: Hair Care
Online Only: Yes

28) Teysha

The Teysha way is to connect people through art, community, and culture, and cultivate a more vibrant world. We merge heritage art with contemporary style so that communities and art can flourish, and fashion can become sustainable and just.
Owner: Sofia Luz Eckrich
Business Category: Shoes
Online Only: Yes 

29) B.Yellowtail

This is a Native American owned fashion and accessories brand that specializes in storytelling though wearable art.
Owner: Bethany Yellowtail
Business Category: Women’s Apparel & Accessories
Online Only: Yes

30) Beauty Beyond Buckskin

Based out of North Dakota, Beyond Buckskin is dedicated to advancing creative small businesses located throughout rural and urban communities by providing an online store where customers can connect with Native American fashion designers and jewelry artists.
Owner: Jessica R. Metcalfe
Business Category: Women’s Apparel & Accessories
Online Only: Yes

31) Orenda Tribe

Orenda Tribe is made up of a community of hands working together to craft each unique piece and carry the stories of another time to you. A small team of artists and makers in Southern California and indigenous artists who live on the Navajo reservation, we are lovers of old things, inspired by the energy of vintage textiles.
Owner: Amy Yeung
Business Category: Women’s Apparel & Accessories
Online Only: Yes

32) Carol’s Daughter

We pride ourselves that our natural hair care products are free of sulfates, parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, or artificial colors.
Owner: Lisa Price
Business Category: Hair Care
Online Only: Yes

33)  AbiliLife

AbiliLife provides a special posture back brace specifically designed for Parkinson’s patients.
Owner: Courtney Williamson
Business Category: Health Aid
Online Only: Yes
Physical Address: 100 South Commons, STE 102, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

34) Silently Loud Shop

Silently Loud Shop creates handmade clutches, bags, and accessories. Originally from South Jersey, Kristianna lives in Philadelphia as a sewist, a social justice advocate, and a lover of bright colors, a bold statement, and funky patterns.
Owner: Kristianna Brown
Business Category: Handmade Accessories 
Online Only: Yes

35)  Beauty Marked & Co.


BeautyMarked & Co. started as a hair and makeup service provider in 2013 and offers BeautyMarked’s own line of African inspired accessories and quality vegan and cruelty free cosmetics.
Owner: Nana Frimpong
Business Category: Hair & Beauty
Online Only: Yes

36) Headdress by Sheri

Here at Headdress by Sheri our accessories are designed by us with care and love. From our simple yet sophisticated headbands, delicate jewelry that won’t overpower your look, and so much more! At the end of the day, our goal is to provide you with gorgeous accessories at affordable prices.
Owner: Brynita
Business Category: Hair Care & Beauty
Online Only: Yes

37)  Taliah Waajid

Taliah Waajid products are sold in national retail stores and local beauty supply stores. They are chemical free with absolutely no parabens.
Owner: Taliah Waajid
Business Category: Hair & Beauty
Online Only: Yes 

38) Curls

During the last decade, CURLS has emerged as a leader in the natural hair care industry. Continued development of new products has further established its unique formulation of certified organic ingredients which are distinctive of the CURLS brand.
Owner: Mahisha Dellinger
Business Category: Hair & Beauty
Online Only: Yes

39)  Norie Shoes

The collaboration between Arise-S and Lead Designer Natasha Norie Standard, CEO of Norie Shoe Company has culminated in the creation of exceptional footwear for women renowned for their superior luxurious quality, peerless artisanship, and attention to detail.
Owner: Natasha Standard
Business Category: Shoes
Online Only: Yes

40) Lhomme de Lheure

Lhomme de Lheure translates to “Man of the Hour”, but is better known for its high quality men’s fashion suits and shirts. Our bold colors and patterns will surely make any man live up to our brand name.
Owner: Courtney Lowery
Business Category: Men’s Fashion
Online Only: Yes

41)  The Crayon Case

The Crayon Case, a safe haven for amateur make-up artist and newbies to the make-up world, has taken Social Media by storm. Crayon Cuties are obsessed, crashing sites, and begging for re launch days after continuous product sell outs.
Owner: Raynell Steward
Business Category: Cosmetics
Online Only: Yes

42)  Nagi Cosmetics

Our mission is to promote all colors of beauty. That’s why we created a range of make-up that initially meets the needs of women of color so that they have a range of products respecting their skin and pigmentation while offering products to women of other origins.
Owner: Gina Delisme
Business Category: Cosmetics
Online Only: Yes

43) KoshieO

Nina creates timeless pieces by focusing on the simple but obvious details and craftsmanship of every collection, as well as drawing inspiration from her colorful background and heritage
Owner: Nina Baksmaty
Business Category: Men and Women’s Luxury Apparel
Online Only: No
Physical Address:10756 Rhode Island Ave., Beltsville Md 20705

44) Milano Di Rouge

Milano Di Rouge is an apparel brand that focus on providing affordable luxury to the fashion enthusiast. Owned, operated and founded by Milan Rouge, with the vision that Milano Di Rouge will reach local and national markets but also be branded to have a global appeal.
Owner: Milan Rouge
Business Category: Men & Women’s Apparel
Online Only: Yes

45) Serena Williams

The Serena Williams brand believes that every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on. I dedicate this collection to everyone who’s ready to rep their S!
Owner: Serena Williams
Business Category: Women’s Apparel
Online Only: Yes

46) Nichole Lynel

Nicole Lynel’s clothing brand mixes chic, curves, and sexy to keep any lady feeling in the spotlight.
Owner: Nichole Lyne
Business Category:  Women’s Apparel
Online Only: Yes

47) Curvy Chick Fitness

Charity has continued to work within Hospitals and Health fares nationally to teach women that although they all have curves, healthy curves is what she wants us to keep in mind.
Owner: Charity Lynette
Business Category: Fitness
Online Only: Yes

48) Black Travel Box

The Black Travel Box brand is here to help you travel in confidence (we call it #TravelInColor) knowing you have the products to put your best foot forward and rock those selfies where ever your travels may take you.
Owner: Orion Brown
Business Category: Cosmetics
Online Only: Yes

49) Vera Moore Cosmetics

Vera’s products are used on Stage, Screen and TV. Cosby Show, Wendy Williams Show, etc. Emmy award winning makeup artists, celebrities, news anchor women, and women from all walks of life solicit Vera’s products and services
Owner: Vera Moore
Business Category: Cosmetics
Online Only: Yes

50Undra Celeste

Undra Celeste New York designs modern workwear for the modern woman. We desire to dress everyday women for the place you spend the most time in your life – your work. Whether you’re just starting a career, transitioning to something new or spent decades running the show; we understand the importance of showing up every day as your authentic self.
Owner: Undra Celeste
Business Category: Women’s Luxury Apparel
Online Only: Yes 


Jannah Bolds is a writer, journalist and responsible for membership and subscription engagement for Walker's Legacy.

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