Jennifer Lopez & Shakira’s Super Bowl Showdown Empower Latinx Community

Super Bowl LIV’s halftime show featured two of America’s most famous Latina performers: Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. It’s certainly no coincidence that the two were paired to headline the show in Miami, where one of the nation’s highest population of hispanic population resides. This was the first time in Super Bowl history that two Latina performers headlined the super event. The value of this performance extends well beyond its price tag.

Recognition and Representation 

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the US and the Latinx community seized the opportunity to capture the eyes of over 102 million people worldwide. This alone brings a tremendous amount of cultural awareness and exposure, especially when packaged with powerhouse performers like Lopez and Shakira! The dynamic shift in this year’s halftime performance was deemed refreshing to some. Instead of the usual Pop music and flares from the electric guitar, viewers were served the spicy sounds of traditional Columbian Champeta, Mapalé, and Reggaeton.

Image Credit: Timothy A. Clary /AFP via Getty

Furthermore, the spotlight not only shines on flashy costumes and dance moves, but also sheds light on the artist themselves. There’s something about adding “Super Bowl LIV Performer” to a resume of accolades that helps push off-stage initiatives, charities, and foundations. Lopez currently supports organizations like UNICEF, Amnesty International, The Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and of course, The Lopez Family Foundation.


Did you know that Super Bowl performers don’t actually get paid for their time on stage? Per contractual agreements, the National Football League only pays for performance operations and support. That goes for necessities like sound equipment, lighting, wardrobe, and any other production expense. Although many entertainers have turned down this annually enormous event, they may have missed the most important opportunity of them all!

Image Credit: Elsa/AFP via Getty
Image Credit: Elsa/AFP via Getty

According to the Nielsen Music sales data reported by Billboard, Lopez and Shakira’s 15 minute set produced a 1,013% boost in sales. That’s 16K worth of digital downloads of the duo’s hit songs in a matter of hours. Shakira, alone, cleared 4K in sales for her hit single “Whenever, Wherever” from 2001, a 1,194% increase in 24 hours! Producing high sales stats in that short amount of time supports the idea that value can also be generated over time. 

The Miami performance certainly energized the Latinx community in more ways than one, as well as the women of color who powered it.



Jannah Bolds is a writer, journalist and responsible for membership and subscription engagement for Walker's Legacy.

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