Walker’s Legacy CEO Featured On July/August Cover Of Entrepreneurship Magazine

Walker’s Legacy CEO Natalie Madeira Coefield Selected As One Of 137 Individuals To Cover Entrepreneur’s July/August Issue.

Hard work behind the scenes being spotlighted front page and center.

“2020 has been a tough year for everyone. To find new success on the other side of this crisis, we must work together.”

For the July/August issue of Entrepreneur Magazine, 137 brave entrepreneurs were selected to grace the cover to recognize their efforts throughout COVID-19. These 137 individuals have been fighting against economic issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and working towards creating a “new normal” that is equitable for others. Walker’s Legacy CEO Natalie Cofield made the cut. Over the past five months, Walker’s Legacy and its sister arm Walker’s Legacy Foundation have put into place multiple initiatives to help Black and other minority women-owned businesses. From giving out nearly $7000 to displace college students, hosting a webinar about CARES Act funding, posting resource guides, giving tips for maintaining balance, posting current events and updates, and hosting summits to help people adjust to these current times. The team over at Walker’s Legacy under the guidance of Natalie Cofield has been working nonstop to ensure that the businesses of Black and minority women never have to close permanently.

137 World Changers?

“Entrepreneurs would not give up. They’d join together and shift from panic to adaptation. By July, we figured, people would have plans. They’d find opportunity. They’d collectively carry the world forward.”

When the pandemic first hit, Entrepreneur Magazine was forced to cancel its June issue. One employee of the magazine stated that no one wants to be the face of the pandemic. Outside of the pandemic when in normal conditions, the magazine would have opted to place a celebrity on the cover, but amidst the pandemic, the team opted for something more authentic. Entrepreneurs everywhere have been struggling but still pulling themselves together in order to continue to create change in the world. Not only do these 137 serve as game changers but also leaders and inspiration for those that their work impacts and caters to as well as those next to come.

If you pick up a copy of Entrepreneur’s July/August issue, Natalie Cofield can be found placed at B4. To learn more in-depth about why Entrepreneur chose 137 entrepreneurs and who those 137 are, visit their site here.


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