Accepting Applications for Baltimore: Walker’s Legacy Foundation Program for Enterprising Single Mothers of Color

We are proud to announce that the applications for the Single Mother’s Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Program are now open! We invite all applicable enterprising creators and innovators to apply today.

The Walker’s Legacy Foundation,  designed to support through entrepreneurship the efforts of enterprising women of color in business, recognizes the significant challenges that uniquely and disproportionately impact lower income women of color.

Furthering its mission to provide a foundation of entrepreneurial, financial and professional support to these women, the Walker’s Legacy Foundation (WLF) is proud to launch its Single Mother’s Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Program. The Single Mother’s Program (SMP) provides access to business education, capital, and networks for the enterprising single mothers of color who enroll.  

The program’s content is tailored and targeted specifically to the majority of Black and Hispanic Women who head their households and serve as the primary breadwinners for their families.

The 12-week blended learning program is comprised of three major components that include:

  • Financial literacy and entrepreneurship curriculum that meets single mothers of color where they are;
  • A mobile app allows for women to connect with the program, one another, and resources for support;
  • And lastly, a cohort structure to ensure that women both complete the program and create social networks they need to be successful.

We acknowledge the tremendous innovation, creativity, and pioneering spirit that exists in this community and WLF aims to utilize a unique solution, to dispel the unique challenges of these future business owners.

This program is free for all participants but requires commitment to the full program from March through May 2017. 

The deadline to apply for the program in Baltimore, MD has been extended to January 31.


Learn more and apply for the program here.

Walker's Legacy Foundation

The mission of the Walker’s Legacy Foundation is to provide a foundation of entrepreneurial, financial and professional support to improve the economic equality and entrepreneurial prosperity of women. The Walker’s Legacy Foundation is a project of the Washington Association of Regional Grantmakers.

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