Walker’s Legacy Foundation Grants $5K in Business Microgrants to Low-Income Single Moms

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On Saturday, September 30, 2017, Walker’s Legacy Foundation graduated the inaugural cohort of enterprising Washington, DC mothers from its 2-week intensive Moms Who Enterprise Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Program. The graduation ceremony cumulated the successful completion of the program, highlighted participants and included insight from successful local women entrepreneurs.

During the graduation, the cohort presented their business ideas as pitches for the first time, submitted their business plans, and graduated from Moms Who Enterprise as their submission to earn $1,000 in a microgrant towards their business. Some of the businesses types the graduates are building include a childcare service, community nail salon, clothing line, and children’s books focused on the Muslim community experience.

For all of our programs, free childcare is provided and participants are paid for their time due to our partnership with the DC Department of Employment Services.

The Washington cohort graduates include:

  • Corinthian Bernard
  • Lakesha Jenkins
  • Tanisha Smith
  • Brittany Washington
  • Nije Young

The keynote address was provided by Sherika Ekpo, Director of Talent Acquisition of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) who shared her own story as a single-mother of determination and resilience to the mothers. She imparted three pieces of advice to the mompreneurs.

“1.) Build a strong network of family and advisors 2.) Learn how to cope with the fear of failure 3.) Own your single-mother status.”Sherika Ekpo, Director of Talent Acquisition of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

Brandey Rodgers McDonald of Yednarb Realty Advisory Group guided the cohort as the entrepreneurship instructor through a 2-week program that leverages curriculum using an online and in-person learning model. Rodgers McDonald is the owner of Yednarb Realty Advisory Group, a real estate advisory firm that focuses on social impact development, transforming neighborhoods throughout the US. She also owns Yednarb Diversity Partners, a world-class consulting firm that specializes in bridging the gap between large corporate and small business by promoting the inclusion of diverse and small business concerns.

About Moms Who Enterprise:

Moms Who Enterprise provides a financial literacy and entrepreneurship curriculum that helps single mothers of color take their finances and businesses to the next level. The 2-week program is guided by instructors in various geographical locations that provide on-site child care. Participating mothers have access to financial planning tools and entrepreneurial insight to begin self-empowerment, and are supported by community, learning, and resources provided at your fingertips with Walker’s Legacy Foundation App.

Women selected are between 18 to 24 years old, must be the head of their household, and be self or government classified as low-income or  “Asset Limited Income Constrained, Employed” (ALICE), income insecure or fall below the poverty line.

The Moms Who Enterprise Program is made possible by funding from the DC Department of Employment Services.

Walker's Legacy Foundation

The mission of the Walker’s Legacy Foundation is to provide a foundation of entrepreneurial, financial and professional support to improve the economic equality and entrepreneurial prosperity of women. The Walker’s Legacy Foundation is a project of the Washington Association of Regional Grantmakers.

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