Stay Fit For Free! 5 Budget-Friendly Fitness Options for College Students

Summer is almost here . . .  and there’s that age old saying “beach bodies are made in the winter!” So, it’s time to ditch those donuts and hit the gym so that you look and feel amazing in that new swimsuit. There’s just one problem . . . Gym memberships can be very costly. And for many college students and young adults, high gym costs, hidden membership fees, and annual contracts is just not a realistic option.

But there is hope! There are so many fantastic options for getting in that great workout for absolutely no cost at all. So for all those, like myself on a budget, who want to stay fit and healthy but don’t want to break the bank, take a look at our FREE options for staying lean!

Option #1: Utilize Your School’s Gym

If you are a student, it is very important to utilize your school’s gym. After all, the fee is included in your tuition, so you might as well take advantage of it. Utilizing your school’s gym is a safe and convenient option for working out, with nearly no travel time required. Most colleges have full gyms provided for their students, accompanied with exercise machines, weight lifting areas, and strengthening training equipment.  Many colleges also have indoor and outdoor tracks, which are great for running or walking.

Option #2: Take the Long Way to Class

Another great option is utilizing your campus as your own personal workout area. After all, you must go to class anyway, right? So why not use that 15-minute walk to class as a mini workout. Instead of cutting through the student center, try taking the longer route to class and enjoy the warm weather, talk with classmates, or sip on that yummy protein smoothie.

Option #3: Tour Your City

I recently took a tour of my hometown city of Washington D.C. and discovered that there were so many walking and running trails within the city. This is an awesome way to explore your city but also get a great workout in. Did I mention that trails were free! Trails are a great way to experience nature and soak in the beautiful weather.

Option #4: Online Workouts

YouTube has awesome and accessible workouts and the best part is, most of them are completely free! No matter what area of the body you want to work, there is guaranteed workout session design just for you.

  • Downloading free workout apps from your phone are great ways to work out on the go or at home. Many apps, develop unique exercise routines that are tailored specifically to your workout needs and will help you stay on track and reach your goals.

Option #5: Workout With Friends

Working out with friends is a unique and exciting way to “mix it up” a bit. Talk about your day or that big test coming up with your friends as you walk around your campus or neighborhood. Instead of driving the 3 blocks to get that healthy sandwich, maybe grab one or two of your closest gal pals and take a nice walk. Friends can also include our four legged friends! Taking your dog for a nice stroll around the block will be greatly beneficial for you and your companion!

We want to hear from you! Let us know how you stay fit and healthy throughout the year?

Shannan Burrell

Campus Contributor

Shannan Dione Burrell was born in Heidelberg, Germany. Growing up, she thrived in the areas of performing arts, participating in dance, theater, and music. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism from Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia, in 2010 and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Film and Video at American University, Washington D.C., where she is scheduled to graduate May of 2017. Shannan has always had a passion for volunteering and helping others within her community. She has been an active member of her church Emmanuel AME Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Throughout her years at Emmanuel, she has participated in numerous ministries including the Praise Dance Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, Youth Ministry, and Women’s Ministry. Shannan grew up a member of the Girl Scouts of America organization. Her 12 years as a Girl Scout prepared her to become an effective volunteer within the community and a role model for young women. Shannan is currently volunteering with the Best Kids mentoring program in Washington, D.C., which specializes in mentoring inner city youth and foster children. Shannan also has a passion and vison for storytelling through media. She has over 10 years of experience within the media field, which includes numerous internships with companies including Arena Stage Theater in Washington D.C., The Ft. Belvoir Eagle Newspaper in Ft. Belvoir, Virginia, Clear Channel Communications in Rockville, Maryland and Gannett/USA Today in McLean, Virginia. Her many years of experience have prompted her to write, direct, and produce over 15 original productions for her church and community. Shannan’s mentors and role models are that of her family, church family, and fellow aspiring African American women in the media field such as Ava DuVernay and Oprah Winfrey, who have worked at paving the way for minority storytellers within the entertainment industry. Shannan hopes one day to open up a production company for minorities, which will inspire, motivate, and empower them to follow their passions through the arts. Shannan’s favorite scripture is Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” She credits this verse for inspiring her to overcome all obstacles within her life and to work hard to succeed and excel at being a good role model for young women within her church and community.

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