5 Self Care Tips For Successful Entrepreneurs


More often than not, entrepreneurs aren’t the best practitioners of self care. Making habits of pulling long hours and social distancing are just a few characteristics many entrepreneurs pride themselves on. Successful entrepreneurs and business leaders who’ve cultivated long term careers have secured sustainable environments by balancing their work-life near perfectly. Here are a few tips to maintain your sanity throughout your entrepreneurial journey.


Practice “Me Time” Daily

It’s easy to get caught up in chasing your dreams all hours of the night, then going to sleep just to get back up and repeat. Journaling, pampering, video games, or cuddling up to a good show, no matter the method, will give your brain a break from the hustle. Taking the time to commit simple acts like walking the dog or enjoying extra time with your cup of coffee can lead to long term productivity. Some entrepreneurs are even taking their brain breaks serious enough to take impromptu vacations. Overnight “staycations” are becoming popular methods to escape work’s hustle and bustle. 



One common denominator of successful business leaders is their workout regimen. Self-made entrepreneurs, like Ava Duvernay, make certain that exercise is an important part of their daily routines because it forces them to apply themselves both physically and mentally. Physical activity, no matter how small, influences proper circulation, thus, promoting productivity. 


Sleep is Golden

Sleep deprivation is the number one cause leading to depression, anxiety, and anti-productivity. Sleep is extremely vital to an entrepreneur’s overall wellbeing. During the night, our bodies heal and repair themselves in preparation for next day activities. Physicians recommend six to eight hours of sleep per night to feel energized, stay mentally sharp, and make thoughtful decisions. 


It’s OK to Say “NO”

It may seem like a straightforward thing to do, but when it comes to adding tasks to your plate, it’s best to stay within your scope. The last thing a successful entrepreneur does is overbook and stretch themselves thin. Practice proper scheduling and learn what kind of workload you can handle. Being able to say “no” gives you opportunities to accomplish other things and fully reach your potential. If you struggle with saying no sometimes, keep your current workload in mind, and if you can’t accommodate, don’t be afraid to turn it down. 


Ditch The Technology

The internet, now-a-days, has become an integral part of our daily lives. An entrepreneurs livelihood depends on technology to keep their business rolling. It’s not only important to break yourself from your device’s glare, it helps to break from the influence of others. The influence of others isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s best to get that influence in person instead of through a screen. Pull yourself away from your desk, meet up with friends and discuss everything other than work. Get in touch with the real world around you by ditching technology every once in a while. 



Jannah Bolds is a writer, journalist and responsible for membership and subscription engagement for Walker's Legacy.

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