5 Signs Telling You It’s Time to Take A Mental Health Break

Every day there are a number of challenges that jump in front of us. It can feel like with every step we take, there is something to hold us back and stress us out. When this happens our mental health and self-care tends to take a back seat. We even often focus more on the problems and in turn give more energy to our problems.

Daily stress quickly adds toxic energy into our lives. However, what are the signs that you are struggling with your mental health?

As a young woman on the move, it is vital that you begin identifying the instances when your mental health needs some serious TLC.

Here are five possible signs that you may be dealing with some stress and need to take a break right now.

Unnecessary Spending 

This is a sure sign that you are using retail therapy to avoid dealing with emotional or mental blocks in your life. Shopping with credit cards makes you feel good in the moment because you are not parting with your hard earned cash at the time of purchase. It feels like a boost of satisfaction. Yet, ultimately you will still have to deal with your debt, just as you will for your mental health. Take a step back and assess the reasons why you are spending so much on things you may not need!

Binge eating and picking up weight

This same logic with retail therapy applies here as well. Unhealthy eating and gaining weight signals an emotional void that you need to deal with in your life. This takes a toll on your mental and physical health in damaging ways.

Lack of focus on school or your career

If your focus begins to consistently nose dive when it comes to work and school then that is a clear indication that you need to analyze where your mind is. More than likely there is a deeper reason why you are neglecting those core areas that should be very important to you.

Ignoring the red flags of toxic relationships  

When you overlook the signs of toxicity in your personal relationships then you are sadly neglecting your mental health. Relationships require so much of us and when we give all of our attention to toxic people then our mental health can go into a downward spiral.

Struggling to have a social life or friendship circle

Loneliness can feel like a dark shadow hovering over us. When your social life or friendship circle is less than desirable then your life can feel empty. These are also the times when your mental health needs to be a top priority. You need to be taking the necessary steps to ensure that you are managing your time and energy with activities and thoughts that are productive and healthy.

When you are in need of a mental health break, the signs are there. The key is to identify them early and then begin to create a roadmap for getting the self-care that you need in order to be your best self, day in, day out.

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Audrey Woodley is Brand Therapist who helps women identify solutions to their brand challenges. She uses new-age problem-solving tactics, proven strategies and customized solutions to help women build and sustain a successful brand.

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