Reduce Financial Stress & Welcome Harmony Into Your Workday

Today more than ever, one of the top stressors for women of color is related to money. Worrying about our finances as we are trying to build a business or advance in our careers can make it difficult to focus on work and be at our best. Many women desire financial freedom, but the amount of stress they are faced with can make it feel impossible to believe this dream can become a reality. Reducing financial stress is possible and it can be easier than most women realize. By making small changes to how you approach managing money, you can enjoy an immediate shift in your emotional well-being and start your journey of financial freedom now. To set in motion your path to freedom start with the following steps and you will be well on your way!

Identify the Pain Points

Think about the first thing someone does when they cut themselves and have an open wound. They will grab something to stop the bleeding so the wound can begin to heal. Consider your financial situation and ask yourself, “Where is the wound, what is draining my finances, and what do I need to repair?” You might determine you are spending too much on eating out or a large portion of your money is going to Target when you buy more than planned. You might notice that no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to keep money in your savings and you spend it on other things or people. Now that you have identified what to work on, the next step is to decide how you are going to change your behavior with money. 

Determine if You Can Change Your Behavior on Your Own or if You Need Support

You can work on your financial goals alone or you can receive guidance from a financial professional. Take a moment and consider how successful you have been with your plan to reach your goals. Have you been able to start? Have you created a budget? Do you know how much to save? Are you confident you will make decisions about your money without second-guessing yourself? If you answered no to one or more of these questions, it will likely be beneficial for you to seek support from a financial coach who can help you reach your goals.

Benefits of Working with a Certified Financial Coach 

Financial coaches are quickly becoming the go-to experts for women who want to modify their behaviors with money. An exceptional financial coach will make it a priority to establish a comfortable environment for you to express your concerns and dreams. When trust is established, the coach will work with you to ensure that you are clear about your financial circumstances today and what you desire for your future. You can expect your financial coach to provide you with accountability and support as you build a sustainable plan together that works for you. 

What’s Next?

Now that you have figured out what you need, call a friend or someone you trust to let them know your plans. By speaking up and making a decision to prioritize your financial wellness you’re aligning your behaviors with your desired outcomes. When you are in alignment you can experience the freedom you have been longing for. Attracting more harmony into your workday is going to have you feeling light and carefree. You will feel less pressure and your stress will be greatly reduced so that you can show up to work and be the greatest version of yourself. I know this might feel like a big step but I believe you can do it, so go for it!

To learn more about certified financial coaches go to or contact Sage Financial Solutions at

Post contributed by Walker’s Writer Leah Davis. Leah Davis, Founder of Leah Davis Coaching is a dedicated Wealth and Wellness Coach for Black, Indigenous, women of color (BIWOC). Leah is committed to supporting BIWOC entrepreneurs with gaining financial knowledge and learning essential money management habits to achieve economic empowerment.

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