Member Spotlight: Meet Nicole Thomas, Doctor of Nursing Candidate and Forthcoming Author

Nicole has 11 years of experience as a nurse, leader, healthcare management, and business acumen. She earned a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Southern University A&M College and Masters of Nursing with a specialization in Nursing Education from Walden University. Nicole is currently working on her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree and a forthcoming book entitled In Health, On Purpose: Awakening to Your True Calling in The Healthcare Profession.

Current City: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Hometown: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Getting Your Start

First Job: Earl K. Long Hospital

What has been the biggest inspiration behind your career? My biggest inspiration behind my career is my purpose. My purpose in life is to change the face of healthcare by making access possible to all whether that’s through direct education on disease process prevention or management, development of other healthcare professionals, healthcare research, or by being a community advocate.

Your Business and Inspiration

Tell us more about your company/organization/effort: Nicole Thomas INC is a platform that assists female healthcare professionals who want to live purposefully as a healthcare professional to do so through education and empowerment.

What was your inspiration for creating/supporting the company/organization/effort? There are so many great nurses, nurse practitioners, allied health professionals, etc. who are so bright and amazing that can open the next hospital, can discover the cure for multiple disease processes that we manage on a daily basis, open clinics in vulnerable populations, and so on. However, we get stuck! We fall to the back of healthcare and allow our respective credentials to define our place in healthcare when we are brought in healthcare for a purpose and make a contribution that only you can make despite how many other people have your credentials.

What accomplishment are you most proud of in your professional life? In my professional life I am most proud of becoming a nurse but more importantly becoming in health on purpose.

The best piece of advice is to know that you are not what your mother did, what your father did, your past, your failures, your downfalls. You are who God said you are and that was not defined by the color of your skin.Nicole Thomas

Balancing Act

What’s your favorite place to unwind? The water to include the beach, lake, etc.

What’s running through your mind before you begin a presentation? What does God what me to say and what if my mouth gets dry while talking?

What are your thoughts on balancing work and life? It is extremely important. I know that it can be difficult but you must have that balance. So if that means living your life by a calendar to schedule family time, work time, etc. then do that. And when you’re tired, go to bed.

Walker’s Legacy

Why did you decide to join Walker’s Legacy? I joined Walker’s Legacy because I wanted to enhance my knowledge on achieving my definition of success and network with like-minded women.

Walker's Legacy

Walker’s Legacy is a digital platform for the professional and entrepreneurial multicultural woman and exists to inspire, equip, and engage through thought-provoking content, educational programming, and a global community.

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