Zakiyyah Smith I Co-Founder of Kismet Honey and Operations Consultant

Zakiyyah Smith is the Co-Founder of Kismet Honey; which is a reiki healing practice and a freelance operations consultant for The Good Questions. The entrepreneur is an alum of UC Riverside with a BA in Sociology and focuses on community, health, and social justice. She is an experienced facilitator, operations manager, and self-care advocate.

What has been the biggest inspiration behind your career? 

Zakiyyah started her career as a personal assistant and was quickly inspired by organizations doing the work that saw herself pursuing. “Organizations like GirlTrek who unite thousands of black women to care for themselves so they can be their best selves inspire me. Watching Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison inspires me to advocate for health and wellness within my sphere of influence and the communities that have served me.”

The Kismet Honey Co-Founder says that she has succeeded through the power of community. Family, friends, teachers, programs, and organizations have all been key components in bridging the gaps in Zakiyyah’s path. Those around her have continuously connected the self-care advocate to resources. Thus, pushing her to dream bigger and helping overcome those times of feeling stuck.


“My career path has been rooted in community working with organizations to make a positive social impact.”

Tell us more about your company

Kismet Honey is a wellness solutions company. Zakiyyah and Ebony Robinson (Co-Founder) are expanding the awareness and access for people to put healing into practice in a safe space. The duo partners with individuals and companies to execute retreats, workshops, and accountability/planning initiatives. As the business progresses they plan to concentrate on Corporate Wellness and partnering with Community and School-based organizations. The Kismet honey founders remain faithful to their belief in people both wanting and needing to be closer to education, healthy practices, community, and other people who are invested in the collective healing effort. Zakiyyah says that, “our learning and growth stands to transcend beyond ourselves. It is the destiny and fate of this community that we have been chosen to expand the grasp of the view and application of health and wellness.”

What was your inspiration for creating Kismet Honey?

As two Black women who have had the privilege to explore many healing spaces, Zakiyyah and Ebony know the feeling of being the only Black people in the space all too well. When you are searching for community and healing it is important o feel comfortable, safe, and welcomed. This is the space and opportunity that Kismet Honey is providing for the community. 

It all began by practicing Reiki for self-healing. Zakiyyah says the benefits were so immediate and impactful that they wanted to bring this practice to others. A myth that the practitioner wants to dispel is that therapy isn’t for Black people and that this healing comes in many forms. Talk therapy may not be someone’s preferred method of healing, and Kismet Honey is aware that exposure to other healing modalities can help shape a new viewpoint on how we can work through our traumas and experiences. 

What advice do you have for women of color who are starting their careers?

The entrepreneur’s advice to women of color who are starting their careers is to believe that they are worth the investment. Whether this is time doing research about your field and others who are already successful, investing money in a coach, wardrobe, resources, etc. 

“Knowing that one’s dreams will require something from them is imperative to success. Anything worth having is worth working for and doing that work well.”

Zakiyyah also highlights the importance of partnership. Investment, business development, and volunteerism all tie into the power of community. Many businesses fail because they don’t have the support they need to sustain themselves. A one-woman show will experience burn out if she is doing everything on her own, allowing others with the skill set to step in can increase the probability of a business thriving. 

What are your thoughts on the importance of women of color in business?

The voice, perspective, and action of a Black Woman are unique and rich in all walks of life including the business world. Living in an era that still has a tendency to overlook and undervalue the contributions and vitality of women of color in business is all the more reason why their experience and expertise need to be sought after and supported. 

It is important for Black Women to be the face and voice of their community. “We cannot rely on others to create and build a legacy for us.” 

Be sure to connect with Zakiyyah and Ebony via Instagram: @kismethoney and Patreon:

catera keeler

Catera is currently a student at Indiana Wesleyan University. She is studying Marketing and Entrepreneurship with a minor in Chinese. Catera is one of our Communication Interns who is passionate about utilizing business tools to help improve the socio-economic situation of others.

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