BBC Editor Moves On in Wake of Pay Discrimination

Carrie Gracie, the China editor for BBC, turned down a pay rise and resigned from her post over equal pay. At BBC corporation, men are being paid approximately 9% more than women.  Gracie expressed her concern over equality and the struggle to be valued equally both in the workplace and in society as a whole. She hopes her decision to resign from her post will encourage and motivate women to fight discrimination in professional settings.

Gracie believes that the corporation is breaking the equality law and adopting the “ bunker mentality” that ignore to address the fairness in pay. With the controversy, the judge of the appeal court did look at the pay report for BBC corporation and said he found no evidence of discrimination. The judge concluded that it is more likely to be an issue of fairness than the one of the sex discrimination. Although the report finds no evidence of discrimination, BBC should not ignore the fact that the pay inequality is an issue for some staffs especially women staffs.

Senior BBC women showed support for Gracie and stepped up to revolt against equal pay in their company. The movement also received strong support from some men from the company. In addition, the Equalities and Human Right Commission intervened after Carrier Gracie’s complaints. The commission requested an explanation from BBC corporation regarding the equal pay issue. BBC’s representative defended the company, stating that the company payroll is better than the nation’s average. Tony Hall, the director-general of BBC, promised to do more and pledged to close the gender pay gap by 2020.

Generally, women are in the majority in the lowest paid quartile among all staffs. Pay inequality continues to be subject of contention throughout the globe. In America, despite civil right law and advancement of women’s economic status, women especially women of color still are not getting equal pay for equal work.

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