6 Free Tools to Help You Become a Stronger and More Independent Entrepreneur

Productivity is a skill that’s primarily gained through learning. Many studies suggest that women, and especially female entrepreneurs, are often more adept at multitasking productively, but you may still need some daily help to keep every facet of your business running smoothly.  

This is precisely where modern technology and tools can help. There are dozens of fantastic free tools available online that could help you become a stronger, more independent entrepreneur, no matter which industry you’re in, or how recently you’ve had your business loan approved.

Stay productive and show off your professional capabilities in the increasingly diverse world of business with these 6 must-have (and free!) productivity tools.

#1: Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a free task management program that’s ideal for business-related prioritizing and task management. If you need software that can capture and organize all of your thoughts in a single location, this app comes highly recommended by female business owners across the globe.

It allows you to share lists across teams, design custom tasks according to your needs, and prioritize those tasks according to your personal and professional schedules. The email task creation module is popular, as it can remove clutter from your inbox and convert emails into listed tasks.

Wunderlist is optimized for both mobile and desktop devices, and can even be used with limited or no internet access to save you time and stress.

2. OneNote

Note-taking just got a lot simpler. Microsoft OneNote is a feature-packed business tool that’s free to use. You can integrate the app with other business-facing software like Zapier and IFTTT, as well as with Office Lens, which enables you to instantly convert pictures of documents into high quality scanned files.

Once integrated, your scanned files will be automatically uploaded to OneNote to create a centralized file repository that you can search on demand. You can also make, collaborate on and revise your notes with type, highlighting and ink annotations and share them across all of your devices for added convenience.

3. Streak

Streak is commonly known as a CRM program for your inbox. It does so much more than just email management, however. This handy tool can track your company’s sales and business development communications, keep track of emails, and set reminders for you to follow up on tasks after a preset length of time.

The app for Gmail users markets itself as being as simple as a spreadsheet to use. You can add, edit and collaborate in real time using Streak, as well as filter, sort, and group your data in the configuration of your choice to rapidly spot bottlenecks. Streak collates and displays all of your upcoming tasks across all of your pipelines, ensuring that you never miss an event, deadline, or milestone.

4. Boomerang

Entrepreneur or not, everyone uses a calendar to organize their daily affairs. Step your business operations up a notch by using advanced AI to keep your day-to-day errands in check. Boomerang Calendar incorporates state-of-the-art artificial intelligence-powered functionality that will keep you and your business in the clear, even if you’re under pressure.

The calendar automatically schedules events and integrates into your Gmail calendar. It offers similar functionality to other popular business calendar tools like Calendly, but is free to use.

Using Boomerang, you can schedule meetings in single emails, highlight times and dates with your free and busy status, instantly share and update your availability, and even schedule group meetings with ease.


Forget wasting your time completing repetitive tasks that can easily be automated and handled by modern technology. IFTTT is a fabulous automation tool that you can use to connect and streamline pairs of programs that you may not otherwise have associated with one another. Once you’ve connected two programs, they can communicate with each other and make your life simpler at every turn.

For example, if you set a reminder with Alexa, IFTTT will automatically add the reminder to Wunderlist when instructed. When you add a new contact on Android or your iPhone, it will be added to your business development Google Sheet. When you post pictures to Facebook, IFTTT can post the same images to Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

Offer the right instructions and you’ll never have to worry about menial and all-too-familiar tasks again.

6. Zapier

IFTTT is a powerful free tool for process management, but Zapier is better suited to more complicated program integration. This free software offers functionality for over 750 apps and websites, including Gmail, Facebook, Mailchimp, Google Docs, Salesforce, and Trello.

You can use Zapier to create a fully automated business development pipeline or sales channel within a matter of minutes, and it won’t cost you a cent. Simply select the triggers, actions, and alerts you would like to take place between your web apps and sites, and it will set your Zaps into motion.

The program’s creators even designed Zapier for do-it-yourself automation, which means that you can set up any processes you like without the assistance of a developer.

Take Entrepreneurship to a New Level

There are so many innovative, free, digital tools that could change your life and business for the better. Free tools and apps like the ones mentioned above can save you time, which you can then divert into other areas. You can also find free guides on everything from improving your credit score, to registering a business, or filing the correct tax forms online, so wherever possible, take advantage of this information too.

It’s no secret that female entrepreneurs and business owners face gender and color-based pay gaps, funding inequities, and other challenges that the business world still needs to tackle and correct. Don’t let menial tasks that could otherwise be automated take up any more of your precious time or resources. Capitalize on the free resources available and think smart—there is often an effective solution within reach that you won’t have to include in your business budget.

With the right technological tools at your side, you’ll continue to become a stronger, more independent, and more capable entrepreneur while taking your sector and the world by storm.

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