Organizational Wellness: Building Resources and Community

As we close off Mental Health Awareness Month, we circle back to the importance of placing the wellness of founders first. It’s important to demystify conversations around mental health and look to share necessary and accessible resources to everyone on their respective paths. In a world that consistently glorifies the “grind” where oftentimes, entrepreneurs feel like they cannot go to anyone because they are currently balancing too much on their plate, Walker’s Legacy looks to bring you an ecosystem that activates the wellness of small businesses in all realms; including a culture of community around mental health.   

We believe the wellness of startup founders reflects on their organization’s wellness and achievements. There is a causal relationship between your own self-improvement and the efficacy of your business. Here you can find a compiled list of four mental health resources to resort to in any phase of your entrepreneurial journey, or outside of it. 

1. #Tools4Founders

#Tools4Founders is a wellness campaign initiated by Entrepreneurial Psychotherapist, Laura Shook Guzman, LMFT. Dr. Shook Guzman is on a mission to raise awareness and normalize the prioritization of mental health in the workplace. On her website startup Founders can find programs, podcasts and tips to support their mental health on the site and contribute to the community by sharing their favorite resources and using the hashtag #Tools4Founders. 

2. Overcoming the Mind 

Overcoming the mind is a digital wellness platform started by entrepreneur Joey Randazzo. Joey’s platform looks to urgently de-stigmatize the topic of mental health, and make it a regular point of discussion for entrepreneurs. On the platform, you can find a welcoming and supportive community as well as podcasts with stories from entrepreneurs about their mental health struggles and triumphs. You can also find a complete resource guide to business owners’ mental health with the latest science, news, strategies and techniques to overcome mental health for entrepreneurs. 

3. Techstars Entrepreneurship and Mental Health Toolkit 

This is an original four-part documentary series that should be part of anyone’s entrepreneur’s toolkit. The platform also offers an online educational resource to help anyone learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship too. Make sure to add this one to your list! 

4. The GAN Founder Support Fund

“The goal of the Founder Support Fund is for startup founders to do something that brings them joy, contributes to their well-being, and reminds them that their worth is rooted in much more than the performance of their company.” This evergreen microgrant fund is dedicated to supporting the mental health and emotional well-being of founders. Founders can be nominated to receive the grant or apply. These funds can be used for anything like making dinner for family and friends, providing gifts for their team, mentorship, or counseling. 

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