18 Power Couples Succeeding in Business and Marriage

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18 Power Couples Succeeding in Business and Marriage
Barack and Michelle Obama

We dare not begin this list without paying homage to the Obamas. They will forever be our role models in love, poise, dignity and prestige. Their next project is the Obama Foundation, a program based in the South Side of Chicago that will serve as a working center for citizenship.

18 Power Couples Succeeding in Business and Marriage
Salim Akil and Mara Brock Akil

This power couple is responsible for creating, directing and producing some of our favorite shows: Girlfriends, The Game and Being Mary Jane. Their work brings home the resounding message that love, sacrifice and a lot of humor are needed to make relationships succeed! They’ve moved from BET to Warner Bros TV and their next project is entitled Documenting Love. Stay tuned!

18 Power Couples Succeeding in Business and Marriage
Tony Lawson and Shantrelle Lewis

Based in New Orleans, Tony Lawson and Shantrelle Lewis are the duo behind “Shoppe Black,” a website that showcases black business and culture on a global scale. His Nigerian roots and her New Orleans flavor make for the perfect combination of culture and class. They started out as just business partners, but a love blossomed shortly after. In fact, their wedding has been labeled by the web as “#JollofAndJambalaya,” a dish combining both cultures and “The Royal Wedding of Zamunda,” in reference to the movie Coming to America.

18 Power Couples Succeeding in Business and Marriage
Blessing Platinum-Williams and Michael Williams

This stylish couple launched their venture, The Young Director (TYD), because they would not accept working in jobs that didn’t inspire them. Both of them came from entrepreneurial families, so they knew that they could make their dream work. TYD is a lifestyle, business and fashion iPhone magazine for the entrepreneur under 30 who doesn’t want to settle for a 9 to 5 life.

18 Power Couples Succeeding in Business and Marriage
Ken and Detra Moorman

Ken and Detra Moorman are the visionaries behind Jirani’s Coffee House in Manassas, VA. Any day of the week, you’ll find a diverse sea of customers coming to enjoy a little poetry, song or even just a fresh conversation over their coffee and house-baked sweets. Jirani is Swahili for “third space,” referring to the other place we tend to inhabit besides home and work. They hope you find Jirani’s to be that place where you can relax, make meaningful connections and leave inspired.

18 Power Couples Succeeding in Business and Marriage
Obi Okere and Joy Adaeze Okere

Joy and Obi Okere are the founders of Curlsistas, a New York City-based company that primarily sells natural hair extensions. Obi bought Joy her first natural hair product when she big chopped, and the confidence and empowerment she received following that experience is what motivated her to launch the company with him.

18 Power Couples Succeeding in Business and Marriage
Eric and Kathryn Serrano

Eric and Kathryn have a variety of gifts and talents. Professionally, they own a real estate company based in Virginia. They also operate a ministry out of their home, where dozens of young people of all backgrounds come to know God more deeply.

18 Power Couples Succeeding in Business and Marriage
Dorion and Leah Baker

Dorion and Leah Baker embody the phrase, “Love God. Love People.” They are the pastors of Life Ticket Church in Herndon, VA, a place where people of all walks of life are encouraged to explore their unique giftings and live abundantly. As this picture shows, they are loved by their congregation! Their motto is, “Where we love people into a better life in Christ.”

18 Power Couples Succeeding in Business and Marriage
Nivel and Brienne Felicien

This missionary couple met overseas in St. Lucia and now live in Los Angeles, CA. Brienne is a Missions Coordinator for Ten Days Missions Experiences, where she equips teams of people for life-changing international service trips. Nivel is a skilled golfer and currently works for the LA Country Club, which is ranked #24 in the nation. Due to the mobile nature of a golfer’s career, the couple is in for a lifetime of travel and adventure!

18 Power Couples Succeeding in Business and Marriage
Allen and Christal Johnson

Allen and Christal Johnson met in college at George Mason University. Together, they own and operate the AJ Team of Keller Williams Realty, which has served more than 700 families  throughout the DC metro region! Their motto is, “You have the dream, we have the address.”

18 Power Couples Succeeding in Business and Marriage
Quintin Primo III and Diane Primo

Quintin and Diane are a Chicago-based power couple doing their thing in their respective fields! They have 35 years of marriage under their belt and have successfully built a family/work dynamic that suits them, deciding to have kids later in life. Quintin is the CEO of Capri Capital Partners, a global real estate invest company and Diane is the CEO of IntraLink Global, a public relations and social content agency.

18 Power Couples Succeeding in Business and Marriage
John and Maggie Anderson

What started out as a sacrificial quest to only put their dollars into black-owned businesses has turned into a foundation dedicated to creating 1 million new jobs. With the Empowerment Experiment Foundation and Maggie’s List, John and Maggie Anderson are going to change the economy, one business at a time.

18 Power Couples Succeeding in Business and Marriage
Nancy and Jose Almodovar

Nancy and Jose Almodovar are all about luxury lifestyle and philanthropy. As CEO of Nan and Company Properties, Nancy and her team sell multi-million dollar homes, while Jose has become the go-to contractor for beautiful commercial properties. Together, they touch the lives of those in need through various charitable initiatives throughout the year.

18 Power Couples Succeeding in Business and Marriage
Christian Reed-Ogba and Uche Ogba

This husband-and-wife duo founded San Antonio, Texas’ only Black-owned public relations firm - BethanyEast PR. Nigerian native Uchennaya Ogba and Detroit-bred Christian Reed-Ogba built their business from the ground-up with their mutual passion for uplifting their communities. In their fifth year of business, BethanyEast PR has created dynamic campaigns for a host of leading organizations such as the City of San Antonio Economic Development Department and the Alamo City Black Chamber of Commerce.

18 Power Couples Succeeding in Business and Marriage
Dr. Joseph and Deanna Gathe

Deanna Breaux Gathe is an interior designer and travel connoisseur with an enviable sense of style who has visited over 60 countries around the world. Her husband Dr. Joseph Gathe Jr. is a decorated infectious disease physician with one of the largest HIV/AIDS private practice in the U.S. and has been serving the community for over 30 years.

18 Power Couples Succeeding in Business and Marriage
Ernest Walker and Joanna Stokes-Walker

This power couple has strong ties in entertainment, media, politics and education. Ernest is the founder of Walker Entertainment Group, a live music production and management company called on to perform for the creme de la creme, and Joanna is a television producer recognized for her work on nationally syndicated shows.

18 Power Couples Succeeding in Business and Marriage
Dr. Heather and Eric Brown

Dr. Heather Brown has made a name for herself through her successful and high-profile dental practice. Her husband Eric is a former NFL player and Super Bowl champion currently serving as an ambassador for the Houston Texans. Together, this powerful duo sets the bar high in grace, style and excellence.

18 Power Couples Succeeding in Business and Marriage
Terrance and Torsha Johnson

Terrance and Torsha Johnson are the husband and wife team leading Higher Dimension Church. Married for over 20 years, the pastor and first lady, along with the church’s 12,000 members, promote healthy relationships through The Answer Movement, an initiative that brings together well-known couples and singles to share insights on marriage and dating.

By Jessica Smith and Misty Starks

They balance high-profile careers, families and philanthropic endeavors all while maintaining their relationships. These couples have power! The men and women on this list have figured out the secret sauce to having it all. Check out these 18 power couples whose influence goes beyond likes and shares on social media.

Each couple inspires us to live life with love, passion, and dedication. They show us that you really can mix business and pleasure! Are there any couples in your hometown that you would add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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