Sixty Cents to Every Dollar: Walker’s Legacy Recognizes Native Women’s Equal Pay Day

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October 1, 2020

Sixty Cents to Every Dollar: Walker’s Legacy Recognizes Native Women’s Equal Pay Day The digital platform for professional and entrepreneurial multicultural women honors Native Women’s Equal Pay Day with the release of its Native Women’s Equal Pay Day Fast Facts Sheet.

Washington, DC—October 1, 2020— Walker’s Legacy, the largest digital platform for multicultural women in business, recognizes today, October 1, 2020, as Native Women’s Equal Pay Day. In support of Native Women’s Equal Pay Day, Walker’s Legacy has released a Native Women’s Equal Pay Day Fast Fact Sheet available for download on under research.

The National Committee for Pay Equity reports that Native women only earn 60 cents to a man’s dollar while women, in general, earn 78 cents.

This means that as it stands, Native women stand to lose more than one million dollars over the course of a 40-year career.

“Native women are disproportionately affected by the barriers associated with the gender pay gap. The fight for economic equality is far from over for indigenous women who are often overlooked.  Much more attention, resources, and support is needed and Walker’s Legacy is committed to doing more.” said Natalie Madeira Cofield, Founder and CEO of Walker’s Legacy

On Native Women’s Equal Pay Day, Walker’s Legacy will highlight the substantial discrimination and challenges this group of women experience in their professional lives. These challenges, such as a lack of workplace support and racially-based pay discrimination, stretch to the overall lack of resources for working or entrepreneurial Native women and their families.

More specifically:


  • Last year, Native Americans/Alaskan Natives owned 1.4% of all women-owned businesses (an estimated 161,500), employing 61,300 workers and generating $11 billion in revenues.
  • Since 1997, women-owned businesses grew by 114%, while Native women-owned businesses grew by 201%.
  • Native women with Bachelor’s degrees are typically paid about $44,000, only about two thousand dollars a year more than what white men with only a high school diploma are typically paid ($42,088).
  • Native women make up 0.61% of the low-wage workforce (defined as the 40 lowest-paying jobs) while they make up just 0.33% of the overall workforce.
  •  Native women’s share of the high-wage workforce, defined as the 40 highest-paying jobs, is only 0.15%

The Walker’s Legacy Native Women’s Equal Pay Day Fast Fact Sheet intends to call attention to the wage gap impacting Native women across the country through the use of statistical data. Understanding the wage inequalities and systematic difficulties that Native women face is crucial for the timely movements and conversations sweeping across the United States

For the complete Walker’s Legacy, Native Women Equal Pay Day Fast Fact Sheet click here. To inquire about partnership opportunities, please contact Rachel Wertz at

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