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Black Women In Entrepreneurship

Businesses owned by black women have experienced unprecedented growth over the past two decades. This research, based on national data and a series of interviews with black women business owners, presents a summary of business owners’ motivation, challenges, support, and financial trends.

Past & Present Conditions of Black Women’s Business Ownership

The number of women-owned businesses is rapidly growing. Amidst these increases, Black women have become one of the fastest growing segments of entrepreneurs in the country. This work explores the many challenges and opportunities faced by Black women entrepreneurs.

Fast Fact Sheet

A) As of 2012, Black women entrepreneurs owned approximately 1,525,494 businesses across the United States and composed almost 58.9% of all Black business owners.

B) Among all businesses nationally, those owned by Black women have average sales per business of $28,000 compared to $768,000 for those owned by white men.

C) Minority-owned-women firms struggle with growth, regardless of their income status, capitalization, and hiring needed to scale and expand.

Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

Every year, the National Committee on Pay Equity sets a date for “Equal Pay Day” to highlight the overall pay disparity between men and women who work full-time in the United States. This research shines a light on the wage gaps for Black women in the United States.

Fast Facts Sheet

A) Black women ask for promotions and raise at about the same rates as white women, but they get worse results.

B) The pay gap widens for women at higher education levels. The gap is largest for Black women who have their bachelor and other advanced degrees.

C) Black women make up just 1% of the high paying engineering workforce and 3% of computing. And these, unfortunately, are the fields where the gender pay gap is the smallest.

Latinx Women in Entrepreneurship

Latinx women are some of the fastest-growing entrepreneur segments in business today. While still being underrepresented as entrepreneurs, this research shows the challenges and overcomings that Latinx women have faced.

Fast Facts Sheet

A) The number of Latinx women entrepreneurs grew at a faster rate than any other group – 137% between 2007 and 2016.

B) The United States Census Bureau projected the number of Latinx women to nearly double by 2050 and for Latinx people to become the number one minority group in the United States. The growth rate in the number of Latinx women-owned businesses is expected to continue to surge.

C) If revenues generated by Latinx women-owned businesses were matched to those currently generated by other women-owned businesses, they could add $155 billion in revenues and create 80,000 new jobs to the U.S. economy.