Attracting New Clients Through Your National Tour

Last month we discussed being a trendsetter in your niche. An effective way to attract new clients is definitely setting yourself apart from others with value they are looking for. Showing how you deliver more value than everyone else is exactly what your client is searching for. None of that matters if you haven’t mastered what it takes to attract new clients.

A national tour offers the opportunity to build connections in a more powerful way than social media will allow. First of all, you have already proven yourself to be unique and innovative by incorporating a national tour into your business model. Now new clients have the opportunity to meet the face behind the brand. And that alone is priceless in a technologically connected world.

Here are three reasons why attracting new clients will be effective:

  • Meeting new people in person: Every once in awhile you must venture outside of your circle to gain new clients, perspective and connections. When people attend your tour based on an ad they aren’t sure what to expect when they meet you in person. This is an opportunity for you to put your best foot forward. Which we’ll get to in further posts.
  • The human connection: Something electrifying happens when kindred spirits connect. The synergy is something explosive. As an entrepreneur you have the ability to choose your clients as well as fire them. So why not choose clients you want to work with?
  • Quality, authentic face to face interaction: Meeting in person automatically lets you know if you want to be around someone or not. The same goes for whomever is meeting you. You are able to put your best foot forward on the platform you created to showcase your expertise. How more authentic can you get?

As you can see old-fashion connecting is alive and well. Not only does it set you apart but it helps you create long, lasting clients. We all know long, lasting clients are not only repeat clients but an extremely fruitful referral source.

If you’re wondering why you should incorporate a national tour in your business, ask yourself why not?

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