How A National Tour Expands Your Presence in Other Cities

Last month we discussed attracting new clients through a national tour. Now its time to make your presence felt and known physically in cities across the country.

We’ve heard it many times before that we’re not just competing with the ladies in our community but nationwide. You’re probably thinking how can my business reach an audience in person not just online?

Well I’m here to share with you how. Face to face connection or human connection is still one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with people and build strong business relationships. People feel a stronger bond with you once you’ve met. That in turn builds a stronger business bond between you both. Those people then become your brand ambassador or great business associate within your network.It’s a continual journey to add valuable people to your business circle. 

If your business is ready to reach your customers/clients/audience outside of your current city, then plan a nationwide tour. Before you panic and think of the expense, know that your tour should fit your brand and who you want to reach.

They saying goes people do business with those they know, like and trust. Well, it makes it a little more challenging to truly get to know who you are and the value you offer when you only communicate with your clients or customers online. Having only online relationships makes the trust factor almost nonexistent.

Taking it back “old school” and replacing Twitter chats, Google hangouts and other online activities with an actual in person event you host elevates you in the mind of others. They have the opportunity to hear directly from you why you’re the best at what you do. This adds to the trust part of wanting to do business with you.

Walker’s Legacy is a prime example of an organization reaching beyond the online borders with their events across the country partnering with Google. Women have the opportunity to not only see what Google has to offer but see why being a part of this organization is beneficial for their business. That is what you want to do as well. You want to show why the value you can help your client or customer attain is crucial for them to be connected to what you do.

Don’t allow the confines of a budget limit you to staking claim in your city only. Use a national tour to open doors to grow the know, like, trust factor to your target audience in other cities.



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