Is Your Business A Trendsetter or a Trend-follower?

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Last month we discussed “Why Your Business Needs A National Tour.” You’re probably thinking national  tours are mainly for entertainers, authors, and speakers. Well you’re wrong about that.

A national tour is open to any creative idea you want to take on the road to share with your target audience. If you’re in an industry where you have numerous competitors, you need to find something that sets you apart from the rest. Most people are only doing what they see others do within their niche. This is your opportunity to stake your claim as an authority on your subject matter while blazing a new trail for others to follow.

Every entrepreneur wants to think forward or progressive when it comes to trends in their particular industry. You wouldn’t be an entrepreneur unless your brain thought that way. So how can a national tour propel your business as a trendsetter within your industry?

  • Since you’re probably the first person to create a tour around your business concept within your industry people will watch every move you make. Which is great. They will always be 10 steps behind you.
  • Another reason you want to create a national tour for your business is to build a platform around your concept. Why wait for others to give you 5 minutes to shine on their stage when you can create your own platform to shine all year round?
  • The most important reason to be a trendsetter in your industry is to eventually attract the attention of your competitors to teach them what you’re doing. That’s right. You will eventually gain new clientele based on others wanting to follow the trend you have established. So now your competitors become trend-followers.

It’s often a daunting task creating an event that will be multiplied in several cities across the country. But with careful planning and the assistance of an established tour creator you can bring your concept to life nationwide.

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