The Holidays Are A Terrible Time For A Your Tour

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The Holidays are an extremely busy time of year for everyone. People ie your potential attendees are not in the mindset to focus on attending your tour. They have so many other events on their calendar during this time period. Unless you have an established brand with a loyal following who is willing to attend your event and making that investment during the Holidays, then don’t host a tour during this time.

It’s just not a wise investment to spend money when your attendees focused is spread between many different things. However, you can maximize this time period by keeping your potential attendees in the loop about the tour you are planning for the next year.

There are 3 very obvious reasons the holidays is a terrible time to host a tour:

  • Holiday parties. We all get an insane amount of Holiday party invitations. These invitations fill up our calendars. Put yourself in the frame of mind of your potential attendees. Would you be able to attend a tour during the Holidays? As a tour creator, it is important to always put yourself in the place of your attendee. This helps to streamline the planning process when looking for open calendar dates to nail down.
  • Holiday shopping. Who has extra money to attend a tour? If that person was  not aware of it months before it’s probably not in their budget. Everyone is throwing around sales and deep discounts at the public. In a world where not paying full price is attractive, it’ll be hard to deeply discount your tour, compete with people buying gifts for their loved ones and still make a profit. You want to make money not lose money.
  • Family and Friends. During the Holidays a lot of people go out of town to visit with family and friends. It is bad timing to come to a city when most of your potential attendees are not in town. You would have made the trip for no reason at all.

These reasons help you use the calendar wisely when setting dates for your national tour. There is no tour without attendees. There are no attendees if you know they will be preoccupied with other events. Make sure to know the big events and when they happen in the cities you travel to. Most people make New Year’s Resolutions. Keeping your tour in the forefront of their mind during the Holidays could be one of those commitments they make for the New Year.

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