Travel Whoa's? No! Strictly in Style


Travel season is kicking off in a big way and in order to avoid adding unnecessary expenses like checked bag fees or vacation pressure purchases, you need to make some smart decisions about what goes in your 21-inch roll-on. While the extras can vary based on your travel itinerary, nailing the basics will make prep and quick changes painless.

What do you need for sure? Focusing on one side of your suitcase, you should gather the following essentials:

  1. Carry-on
    1. Travel scarf (to keep you warm, to ward off unwanted odors or sneezes, to use as a sarong)
    2. Sunglasses (help prevent the inevitable squints and corresponding wrinkles)
    3. Flip flops (it’s that season – and they can go anywhere)
  1. Solid, brightly-hued bottom (x)
  2. Dark rinse, straight leg denim (for travel or to wear to a casual, dressed up dinner)
  3. Print top (this will go under your blazer for work, or by itself for an evening out)
  4. Heels (I’m a fan of a multi-colored one so I can rock it several ways) + shoe bag
  5. White blazer (blazers add instant finish to an outfit and white just pops!)
  6. Cashmere sweater set (you can wear it together, the top under your blazer, the cardigan with your top)
  7. Dress (it’s your no-time-to-think outfit- I’d recommend a sheath or wrap dress for a bit more sexiness; modal or jersey are the right fabric choices)

When you travel, consider the following additional rules:

  • Choose one accent color palette so all of your items can be interchanged
  • If you’re trip is longer, aim for items that can be hand washed to avoid drycleaning charges
  • Carry a day clutch just in case you don’t want to tote your tote, or get an invite for an evening outing
  • If you’re not part of the fashion-conscious set, create a travel uniform so you can focus your prep time on the trip packing

The rest is up to you…

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