Anna-Marie Ashe Gets Real: Real Estate and Real Advice for Women of Color

Pennsylvania native Anna-Marie Ashe educates, invests, and focuses her small business on real estate transactions in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. Her services include real estate brokerage, property management as well as consulting services. Establishing her career in 2011, Anna-Marie has worked to help her clients and prospects understand the power of real estate and passive income.

Inspired by the freedom and flexibility that homeownership and investing provided for people of color, Anna-Marie decided to start her own business. Walker’s Legacy caught up with her to learn more about her experience as an entrepreneurial woman of color and why she chose to become a Walker’s Legacy member!

Thirst for Knowledge to a Call for Action

Anna-Marie achieved her success by constantly being hungry to learn more. She wanted to educate herself in order to properly execute her plan in the best way possible. Turning her dreams into reality began as an idea at Howard University School of Business and is now her full-time career. In order to be successful, you’ve got to know what you’re talking about. Anna-Marie dedicates her time to acquiring the most accurate, credible, and applicable information in order to operate her business in a manner that benefits everyone involved.

We asked Anna-Marie to share with us what inspires her to keep going. She responded:

“Every person on this planet should be allowed to do what makes them happy and pursue whatever avenues they choose to enhance that happiness… Watching other women take a business idea, implement it and grow it from the ground up has always inspired me and it still does to this very day.”

Anna-Marie also shares that real estate has taught her financial literacy and independence. Starting off her career with the intention to increase her income led to a path of providing education and mentorship to others. She wants to make it to the top as well as see her community win!

Anna-Marie’s Take on WOC in Business

As women of color in business, we all could use a few tips and tricks from each other. As the fastest growing entrepreneurial community, it is important that we support one another. Here’s some entrepreneur-to-entrepreneur advice from Anna-Marie to you:

“My most important piece of advice to women of color would be to not compare your journey with someone else’s. In the age of social media, it is hard to not feel inferior to others by viewing their chosen content on various platforms. Keep in mind that you do not know their journey and what they went through to get to where they are. Your time to glow will come and as long as you remain consistent, you will yield favorable results.”

Very true — in such a digital age, we must realize that everybody’s experience is different. What is meant for one person is not always meant for the next. We have to remember that although the Instagram photo might look nice and the 140-character tweet might sound good, we don’t know what led up to the post and what obstacles were faced.

We also asked Anna-Marie to tell us her thoughts on the importance of women of color in business. She shared:

“Women of color are starting new businesses faster than anyone else. That means that you are not alone in your pursuit of entrepreneurship despite your sphere of influence. Know that there are resources, support and funding out there to help propel you to the next level. People of color are among the largest consumers in The US. It is time that we establish successful businesses of our own to put our children through college. We need to start thinking beyond our own timeline and what legacy we can pass down for our people.”

Work-Life Balance

We all know that a 50/50 work-life balance isn’t the most realistic situation. Sometimes you have to give 80% to your work and 20% to your personal life, sometimes it’s vice versa. We asked Anna-Marie to share her thoughts about the idea of a work-life balance and how to achieve it.

When not in work mode, Anna-Marie likes to unwind on her yoga mat where she’s able to think and reflect. Every entrepreneur needs that quiet time to take a break from all the hats they wear throughout the day of being a business owner. She also lets us know that she attempts to take an ambitious vacation once every quarter and makes sure she is exercising and meditating regularly in order to maintain a positive mindset.

Being an entrepreneur can be overwhelming with all of the development, branding, marketing, and more that is often being done all by yourself. Here’s a tip from Anna-Marie about staying motivated:

“I always keep the end result in mind and also, what would be the alternative. If the alternative to putting in the work is better than reaching your entrepreneurial goal, then so be it. For me, if the alternative isn’t more malleability then I just keep pushing forward.”

Lastly, Anna-Marie lets us know that she became a member of Walker’s Legacy due to her yearn for women-led spaces. She shares that we all have similar, relatable stories and Walker’s Legacy strives to share these stories as well as other useful information and support to women of color entrepreneurs. Join the community and become a Walker’s Legacy member today!

Danielle Thomas

Danielle is a current student at Towson University studying Business Administration with a Marketing concentration and a minor in Economics. With a strong passion for working towards the professional success of women, Danielle is a part of various student organizations such as Women in Business and MentHER. Danielle has also worked in multiple social media marketing roles throughout her academic career.

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