#BEENBOSS Green: Meet Chanceé Lundy, Co-Founder Nspiregreen

“If we don’t advocate for our communities, who will? We must speak up for ourselves and our children who also bear the burden of environmental degradation.”

Meet Chanceé Lundy, Co-Founder Nspiregreen 

Chanceé Lundy is a community conscious engineer and co-owner of Nspiregreen LLC a Washington, DC-based boutique consulting firm specializing in community planning, multimodal planning and climate change and resiliency planning. Nspiregreen believes in creating healthy and safe communities for all.  Chanceé cofounded Nspiregreen LLC in 2009 where she is responsible for leading the company’s environmental practice. She has spearheaded projects in energy planning, stormwater management planning, solid waste, greenhouse gas emissions reductions and transportation infrastructure. She is an environmental enthusiast who is passionate about preventing and reducing environmental inequities.

Chanceé Lundy received her Masters in Civil Engineering from Florida State University and holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Alabama A&M University. She is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Water Environment Federation, Women’s Transportation Seminar, and National Society of Black Engineers and is Mayoral Appointee to the Chesapeake Bay Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and was named one of the 30 Leaders of the Future by Ebony Magazine.

On the importance of communities of color understanding what is happening as it relates to the environment

What is happening in our environment impacts us whether we are engaged or not. Protecting our health is paramount and a key to that is understanding our local: air, water, and soil quality; infrastructure stability; indoor contaminants and how major projects impact our quality of life. In addition, we must understand the impacts of the pollution that is being transported to and through our communities. Respiratory illnesses such as asthma, learning disabilities, and other life-changing ailments can be attributed to the quality of our environment.

Furthermore, it is equally important to understand the environmental opportunities which exist in our communities and ensure we have adequate access to participate in programs such as energy efficiency, stormwater, and recycling programs.

On the role that multicultural women can play in advocating for their communities

If we don’t advocate for our communities, who will? We must speak up for ourselves and our children who also bear the burden of environmental degradation. It is important for multicultural women to advocate for our communities because we have an understanding of the culture of our communities, the health disparities which persist in our communities, policy implications in our communities, and the most effective methods to galvanize participation and support in our communities.  WE are all we got!

This campaign is sponsored by the Clean Water for All Campaign. 

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