Child Advocate, Empowerment Speaker, and Author Latisha B. Russell

Child Advocate, Empowerment Speaker, and Author of “The Naked Truth: From Pain To Triumph”, Latisha B. Russell, has made it her life’s mission to provide her story as a catalyst for change to end child sexual abuse. Speaking from her own traumatic experiences, Russell has created a platform sharing her story and how she prevailed through trying times.


Born in Indiana and raised in Denver, Latisha B. Russell is an alum of Ball State University where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development and Human Resources from the University of Phoenix, Colorado. There, she became an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. Following her graduation, she became an adjunct professor at many colleges and universities. Latisha touches base on delicate and “taboo” topics such as childhood sexual abuse, trauma, and exploitation. Her topics of discussion include More Than My Story covering her journey of overcoming sexual abuse, healing relationships, and reclaiming her power. She also discusses Voicelessness as being the face of childhood abuse. In this talk, Russell reveals the symptoms and effects of childhood abuse. The last topic she covers is The Power Within taking us through countless other women who have found coping mechanisms and strength to regain their lives back after experiencing abuse.

Becoming A Survivor

Every 92 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. Every 9 minutes the victim is a child. 1 in 9 girls and 1 in 53 men under the age of 18 years old experience sexual abuse. 82% of all sexual assault victims are all female. At the age of seven, Latisha Russell became a victim of sexual abuse from a trusted family member. Once she gained the courage to speak up and share her traumatic experience she was dismissed and disregarded. From this moment on, Latisha decided she wasn’t going to let anyone silence her. Latisha has owned the meaning of a survivor, turning her trauma into an opportunity to teach and mentor victims of sexual abuse. Assisting children and parents to manage life after experiencing a life-altering moment, Latisha helps them regain their power coining herself a voice for the voiceless. Combining her experience with her background of education in Human Resources Management and Development Latisha found herself in the position to aid others in their healing process. Many have walked away feeling empowered after a healing conversation with Latisha.

The Naked Truth: From Pain to Triumph

Latisha’s memoir, ”The Naked Truth: From Pain to Triumph”, tells all of her story in which she hopes to trigger something in those who have shared similar experiences or anything traumatic in their lives. In the memoir, she opens up about Alopecia and how it affected her tremendously. ”The Naked Truth: From Pain to Triumph” is available on all platforms from Amazon to Barnes and Noble available for purchase.

Nia Ross

Nia Ross is a junior at Virginia Union University, majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. Ross has contributed to programs such as, PBS Production U as a Videographer and Editor and the media organization at Norfolk State University, National Broadcasting Society Alpha Epsilon Rho. Since then, Nia has developed her own businesses. One, “Shot By Miss Nini Michelle” where she provides photography, videography and editing services, and the other, ”Nini Michelle Cosmetics”, where she distributes makeup and beauty products. Nia's purpose with her businesses are to enhance and inspire the expression of beauty and confidence within individuals.

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