Dr. LaTanya Bowman | Chiropractic Physician & Owner of Discovery Chiropractic and Wellness Center


Dr. LaTanya Bowman is an accomplished Chiropractic Physician and the founder of Discovery Chiropractic and Wellness Center. Dr. Bowman’s office is ranked in the top 20 out of Charlotte, North Carolina. She has broken numerous glass ceilings in her career working as a top African-American professional in a male-dominated industry. As a Doctor, Bowman’s goal is for patients to leave her office with a pain-free smile on their faces. As a successful business owner and Physician, she understands the importance of spreading her wealth of knowledge onto the next generation of aspiring young women.

“Come Discover What Chiropractic Can Do For You”

The Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment 

Dr. Bowman began her career as an athletic trainer working with world-class college athletes at Wake Forest and Duke University. She began to notice that the implementation of Chiropractic care in athletes’ rehabilitation helped them get back on the field faster. This discovery was fundamental in shaping her career today. 

The Chiropractic field takes a holistic approach to treating the body without the use of medication. Discovery Chiropractic and Wellness Center treats athletes, children, and the general public. The doctor is most passionate about teaching people the importance of health and wellness. She places an emphasis on beauty starting from within. Learning how to take care of your body from within first is a main goal of treatment. 

“A healthy outside starts from the inside”

The Gift of Mentorship

Dr. Bowman is most proud of becoming a mentor to young aspiring college women. When the business owner and Physician was just starting out she had to figure out a lot on her own. She had no formal business training or mentors. However, there were always strong women in her life. Dr. Bowman recognizes her mother Mrs. Carolyn Bowman and Godmothers Mrs. Gloria Ramsey and Mrs. Connie Miller as influential women guiding the way. These women taught her the importance of speaking up, demanding attention, and being heard while still being feminine.

“But the key to this is to do it in a feminine manner where people will listen”

Now as a mentor herself, Dr. Bowman wants to inspire young women to be secure and feel empowered through their gifts. She has found her purpose and joy in seeing these ladies graduate and become physicians by following their own paths. Seeing the progression of inner growth and becoming one’s self is what’s most gratifying for the Doctor.

Addressing the Challenges of Women in Business

Women-owned businesses are growing at a rapid rate and Dr. Bowman goes on to acknowledge the challenges still faced. Women of color especially struggle to find financial and capital growth in predominantly male careers. She hopes that within the next five years we see more women in technology and health fields. As we continue to grow she wants to see the normalization of women of color as CEO’s of corporate organizations and further growth of small businesses.

As a business owner, Dr. Bowman wants to see the glass ceiling shattered. In her work, she strives for ways to fix the disparity facing women of color. As more progress is made and higher positions achieved, her hopes are that the gender gap continues to become smaller and glass ceilings no longer a barrier. 

“I do what I do, because I care about people.”

Dr. Bowman’s “why”

As a physician, it is the Doctor’s duty to take care of her patients. But through the process of treating them, her goal is to show them rediscovery—and giving the gift of empowerment to become complete within oneself will always be her mission. 

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Catera is currently a student at Indiana Wesleyan University. She is studying Marketing and Entrepreneurship with a minor in Chinese. Catera is one of our Communication Interns who is passionate about utilizing business tools to help improve the socio-economic situation of others.

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