Emmanuela P. Rodenberg and the Business of Maintaining Long Lasting Healthy Relationships

Dear Emmanuela,

What is the secret to keeping healthy relationships with ourselves, our partners, and others?

Walker’s Legacy member Emmanuela P. Rodenberg is an international speaker, author, and certified dating and relationship expert. Her business, Dear Emmanuela, has a mission to build healthier communities through stronger family units by teaching individuals how to build and maintain intimate personal relationships. Walker’s Legacy decided to hang up on cupid and call Emmanuela to get all the tips and tricks from an expert of love, and to learn more about her success story as an entrepreneurial woman of color!

Creating Power Couples

Emmanuela is a proud author of the book, How to Attract a Godly Husband. She wrote this book in order to guide singles on how to learn themselves and who they truly are while also teaching them how to find the right partner in order to build a long-lasting relationship together. It is very important to know yourself because if you don’t love yourself and know what your own needs and wants are, how will someone else, right?

Another goal of Dear Emmanuela is to decrease divorce rates. Emmanuela wants her clients to thrive in happy and healthy relationships not only right now, but forever! She stresses the importance of healthy practices in order to ensure the longevity of your personal intimate relationships, thus strengthening the family. Rodenberg shares with us that the biggest inspiration behind her career is seeing her clients in their healthy relationships after benefiting from her services.

Advice for Women in the Butterfly Phase of Their Business

Women of color are the fastest-growing entrepreneurial community. With all of the new up and coming girl bosses out there, we asked Emmanuela to share some tips for women who are in the early, or “puppy dog/butterfly” stages of launching their business. Here’s what she tells us:

“Start your career with your end goal in mind, have a vision and mission for your life. Your vision is going to help you navigate and determine the moves that you should make. It will be a road map for you when you are unsure of what to do next. Your mission will help you to say no to some things that may look good at the time, but won’t be beneficial to you in the end. Your mission will let people know who you are, what you stand for, and set you apart from all others.”

We also were curious to know how Emmanuela goes about balancing work and life. She shares:

“Always keep your Core Values on the forefront and remember at the end of the day what matters to you the most. My core values are God, Family, Work. I keep them in that order, I’m very blessed to have a very loving and supportive spouse by my side that allows me to do the work I was called to do.”

WOC in Business and Joining Walker’s Legacy

You’ve probably heard the term “black girl magic” a lot if you follow the advancement of women in color both in business and in general. Emmanuela told us her take on minority women in business:

“I think women in general bring so much creativity, passion, and tons of experience to the business world. Women of color bring color to the mix, we bring our stories, our heritage, and our uniqueness to the world of business. There’s just a different energy when women of color inter the scene, we bring excitement!”

We could not agree more! Lastly, we wanted to know what made Emmanuela become a member of Walker’s Legacy. Here’s why she joined (and why you should too!):

“I wanted to be a part of an organization that inspires and empowers women to live their dreams and not put limitations on themselves. I believe a woman can do anything she puts her mind to, nothing can stop a woman with a made up mind. We are powerful beyond measures!”

Danielle Thomas

Danielle is a current student at Towson University studying Business Administration with a Marketing concentration and a minor in Economics. With a strong passion for working towards the professional success of women, Danielle is a part of various student organizations such as Women in Business and MentHER. Danielle has also worked in multiple social media marketing roles throughout her academic career.

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