Founder & CEO of WordSmithRapport, Karima Mariama-Arthur, Esq

California Native, Karima Mariama-Arthur is the Founder and CEO of WordSmithRapport, the author of the internationally acclaimed 2019 NAACP Image Award-nominated leadership guidebook, ‘Poised For Excellence: Fundamental Principles of Effective Leadership in the Boardroom and Beyond‘ (Palgrave Macmillan), and an active speaker nationally and internationally in her areas of expertise. Karima also worked exclusively with corporate litigation-based firms. Not to mention, clerking for the late Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr.

The Business

WordSmithRapport is a boutique consulting firm, specializing in leadership development and organizational performance management, that helps clients solve performance challenges while removing roadblocks to success. Through their comprehensive, world-class professional development and advisory services, we facilitate the development, direction, and results you need to succeed in the boardroom and beyond. 

The Passion

Karima’s life goal is to make a difference in the lives of the people she meets personally and professionally.   

“I believe that the world can be a better place if we each give of ourselves in a wholesome, thoughtful and impactful way. That women of color will have greater access to entrepreneurial opportunities across industries worldwide. But not because we are waiting to have someone ‘bless’ us with such opportunities.” 

Arthur mentions that her deepest desire is that “we [women of color] will take greater initiative to capture what we want most and that we become bolder in our approach. It is imperative that we expand our reach and show up in global economies where we have been notably absent.”

The Inspiration

Arthur’s mother, grandmother, and Aunt Betty are her heroes. She credits them greatly for helping to mold her into the fearless and successful woman she is today. 

“I know it wasn’t easy for them to sacrifice so much, but their vision for me was bigger than any hardship encountered along the way.”

The Why

Karima Arthur’s motivation lies within the growth of her clients and their results is her drive and demonstrates how critical her work is and why she’s uniquely qualified to do so.

“I don’t see a stopping point anywhere in my future; there is much work yet to be done and I feel good about that.”   


Walker’s Legacy is proud to announce that Karima Mariama-Arthur will be the instructor for the upcoming Prospectus Fall 2020 cohort. For more information on the 9-week business accelerator visit here.

Nia Ross

Nia Ross is a junior at Virginia Union University, majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. Ross has contributed to programs such as, PBS Production U as a Videographer and Editor and the media organization at Norfolk State University, National Broadcasting Society Alpha Epsilon Rho. Since then, Nia has developed her own businesses. One, “Shot By Miss Nini Michelle” where she provides photography, videography and editing services, and the other, ”Nini Michelle Cosmetics”, where she distributes makeup and beauty products. Nia's purpose with her businesses are to enhance and inspire the expression of beauty and confidence within individuals.

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