Founder of New Black History Makers Jasmine Renae Gates

Jasmine Gates is a community enthusiast that has traveled the world and makes it her priority to both create and be involved in aspects that push for the betterment of the Black Communities around her and abroad. She is the Founder of the brand New Black History Makers, a Journalist and Radio Personality for Reel Urban News, and Engineer for The Hub Radio.

From a Personal Assistant to Her Own Boss

New Black History Makers is Jasmine Gates current business venture. With a mission to tell truths, discover new things, and to become their greatest, so that generations to come will be proud of the history New Black History Makers create. At the age of 24, Gates’s inspiration for creating New Black History Makers comes from continuing defying social norms, breaking generational curses, and making it a priority to heal. Her vision is to empower and embody this vision. Furthering her purpose to break generational curses, Gates conducts a segment entitled “Millennial Movement” as a journalist for Reel Urban News conversing with a group of Millennials discussing recent events such as police brutality, creating a platform for black voices to be heard. Jasmine recalls one of her biggest achievements being her interviews in Tanzania, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

The Importance of women of color in business

Whilst Jasmine doesn’t identify as a women of color, she does identify as a black woman she shares her thoughts of black women in business

“We as Black Women provide intellect, experience, and an essence the world tries to imitate. Therefore, it is imperative that we are creating businesses of our own and joining other businesses so that we are credited correctly and able to maintain control of our narrative through whatever field we may have a career in.”  

Jasmine Gates wants to continue her work empowering and providing a platform for the black community by joining Walker’s Legacy, as she feels it’s a necessary space for our culture catering to Black Women. 

Nia Ross

Nia Ross is a junior at Virginia Union University, majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. Ross has contributed to programs such as, PBS Production U as a Videographer and Editor and the media organization at Norfolk State University, National Broadcasting Society Alpha Epsilon Rho. Since then, Nia has developed her own businesses. One, “Shot By Miss Nini Michelle” where she provides photography, videography and editing services, and the other, ”Nini Michelle Cosmetics”, where she distributes makeup and beauty products. Nia's purpose with her businesses are to enhance and inspire the expression of beauty and confidence within individuals.

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