Four Indispensable Lifehacks for Mommypreneurs

Anyone who follows Jodie Patterson on social media (@jodiepatterson) savors her delightful brand of mindcandy: an inspiring life that’s elegant, purpose driven, and—seemingly—effortless.

As a wife, mother, and owner and creative director of organic skin-care line, GeorgiaNY, as well as co-founder of the multicultural beauty destination DooBop, she encapsulates the life of a modern, multi-hyphenate Mommypreneur.

But wait: Mrs. Patterson has five kids; is on two boards; is writing her first book, on parenting and “raising authentic humans”; is regularly featured on panels and gives speeches; teaches workshops; gets heavy media rotation; is an LGBTQ advocate; is fit and has a killer sense of style; travels; is part of New York’s well-heeled social circuit; and, and, and….

Hold up—Exactly how does she do it?


Jodie’s just like the rest of us: Not a celebrity or a billionaire’s wife backed up by a retinue of handlers and helpers. Intentionality and balance fuel the tricks of her trade—and she’s graciously let us in on some of them by sharing her “four indispensable lifehacks for Mommypreneurs.”

  • Lifehack #1 : : Make note of the moment you’re exiting and entering:  Getting everyone out the door in the morning is tough going for most families—particularly ones as large as the Pattersons. Jodie finds that creating rituals that mark her family’s movement from one phase in their day to another really helps. Mornings: It’s lotion! She rubs some of her Georgia brand Lemongrass Eucalyptus skin cream onto the faces, hands, even hair of her kids, hubby, and self—creating an “out-the-door” segue.
  • Lifehack #2 : : Read the moment—understand the surface, versus the undercurrent: With so many moving people and parts, it’s impossible for everyone to be on the same page. Own that: The Pattersons have created a layout and lifestyle that accommodates individual moods, wants, and needs. Example: Surface—It’s 6:00 p.m. and everyone should be eating dinner. Undercurrent—Not everyone is on that same clock. So they’ve created a loft-like feel to their brownstone’s living and dining rooms, and kitchen that allows family members to be eating or doing homework, while still hearing each other.
  • Lifehack #3 : : Control social media instead of having it control you, by creating broad-stroke guidelines. Posts at @jodiepatterson are fresh and intriguing—surely Hootsuite is involved. Nope. To post organically and spontaneously, Jodie recommends that you “sit back, and take note of what your eye gravitates towards”—that will allow you to post in a way where posts have recurring threads running through, and aren’t haphazard. Her own focus: “family, parenting, entrepreneurship, women, feminism, gender politics, and beauty as emotion.”
  • Lifehack #4 : : Notice what puts a smile on your face, and then carve that out as self-care. “I think self-care is super important, but sometimes we get nervous around routines,” Jodie notes. “Like: How can I keep juicing for the rest of my life?” Her antidote: “Be nimble and fluid with how we care for ourselves, but just dedicate some time.”
Petra Lewis

Petra E. Lewis is a former financial services communications executive who now loves serving her clients as ghostwriter, ghostblogger, and communications consultant. To learn more, visit:

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