How Pamela Barba is Helping Latinx Entrepreneurs Build their Brand

Latina founders have always been pioneers of building successful brands. However, unlocking and navigating a sense of community and belonging in these turbulent times has not been the easiest for many digital marketers who are beginning to cement their own brands from the comfort of their home; distinctly in an online market. Thankfully we have brand strategist and mindset coaches like Miss Pamela Barba. Pamela is helping Latinas tell a story that is unique and personal to all “emprendedorxs” or Latinx entrepreneur. She is helping them market their brands around their own creativity and authenticity – and have their trademark reflect their dedication and life’s work.

Pamela is exactly as her website describes, a speaker and coach who is “equal parts magical and practical.” Her grounded advice and personal branding + mindset techniques have been featured on Forbes and on stages across the country. As founder of Brilliant Brand Club, Pamela helps entrepreneurs who are also in the tricky beginning of learning how to start a brand. She helps emprendedorxs cultivate and market their brand identity, while also using all the elements that are true to them. Having a clear picture of their goals and a strategic plan for growth is extremely pivotal to the success of any business, and Pamela has helped many do just that. Pamela helps you uncover your gifts and be known for the right things.

Next week we will sit down with her and discuss the different ways in which brands engage with multicultural communities. We will discuss all things Latinidad, specifically in a digital marketing sphere and also touch on all the nuances that come with this transformative digital renaissance where Latinx are demonstrating their brand loyalty by social media engagement. Please bring your Cafecito, or tea and join us for an incredibly insightful conversation.  

You can register on our calendar page.


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