Latesha Byrd, Professional Branding Strategist, & Consultant, Byrd Career Consulting

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Career Coach, Professional Branding Strategist and Consultant, Latesha Byrd, Founder and CEO of Byrd Career Consulting, has one main goal: Assist millennials to turning their dreams of being their own boss into reality. The focal point of Byrd’s work is self-discovery, career empowerment and life visioning.

Recently, Walker’s Legacy had the opportunity to learn more about Byrd’s desire to provide tools to identify, discover, and secure the dream job of existing and aspiring business owners. With the passion of helping people of color achieve their career goals, Latesha works to help them find the confidence and courage to live their dreams.



University of North Carolina Alumna, Latesha Byrd received her Master’s degree in Accounting and then furthered her education by becoming a certified public accountant in the state of North Carolina. Byrd obtained her certification in career and life coaching at Paradigm 360 Coaching.



Byrd’s Career Consulting Agency was founded in 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The agency provides career coaching, resume writing, LinkedIn writing, and interview prep. The consulting agency values passion, preparation, progression, and purpose. Byrd partners with nonprofit organizations, universities, and corporations to deliver workshops and coach businesses based on engagement and upward mobility. Byrd’s range of clients include Black Enterprise, United Negro College Fund, Wake Forest University, and the Urban League. The agency’s clients have later worked for companies such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, LinkedIn, Amazon, and Google. 


Most Significant Accomplishment

In addition to Latesha Byrd’s consulting agency, she’s also an adjunct faculty at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (North Carolina A&T). Byrd mentions that being an educator is her most significant accomplishment—being as though she is able to give back to students and teach a college success course for freshmen in the College of Business and Economics. She mentions that many of her students are first generation college students and that she has the ability to nurture and develop them in their transition.

“My goal is to inspire, motivate, and encourage them to dream big in their career, set goals and work hard to achieve them.”


Latesha Byrd’s “Why”

Byrd believes that people deserve to have beautiful careers and meaningful work in our lifetime. Byrd mentions that it is our esteemed destiny and given right to find our own power to fulfill our dreams.

“There’s no cookie cutter method to get to a successful career path, nor is it a linear path. My life’s mission is to empower, educate and break the antiquated social construction of career success that society puts on us today.”

It becomes clear that society has an obsession with achievement over fulfillment and impact—which leads to many of us feeling the burnout and dissatisfaction in our careers and businesses.

Byrd brings passion back into the fold by helping her clients look at their career from a holistic view, understanding who they want to be, what they like to do, and how they want to contribute to society. Instead of fitting into a box, she helps them build their own.

“We spend over ⅓ of our lives working, so why should we settle? Settling means we’re playing safe. It’s time for us to take the power back within our careers, our businesses and ultimately our lives.”




Nia Ross

Nia Ross is a junior at Virginia Union University, majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. Ross has contributed to programs such as, PBS Production U as a Videographer and Editor and the media organization at Norfolk State University, National Broadcasting Society Alpha Epsilon Rho. Since then, Nia has developed her own businesses. One, “Shot By Miss Nini Michelle” where she provides photography, videography and editing services, and the other, ”Nini Michelle Cosmetics”, where she distributes makeup and beauty products. Nia's purpose with her businesses are to enhance and inspire the expression of beauty and confidence within individuals.

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