Latina Spotlight: Jessica Salazar of “All There August”

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Entrepreneurs come in many facets and Jessica Salazar is a modern renaissance woman: Social Entrepreneur, Ethical Fashion Blogger and Cruelty-Free Influencer.

Competitive by nature growing up as a woman in a male-dominated golf community, she learned from an early age that despite demographic qualifiers she could achieve all she intended. Besides breaking barriers as a Latina collegiate golfer, Jessica has always loved animals and been drawn to creative outlets such as fashion, drawing, styling, photography, and writing.

“My belief in my ability has helped me avoid limiting myself.”Jessica Salazar

Recently leaving a stable position as a fashion professor and university women’s golf coach, she’s now focusing her talents full-time as a cruelty-free influencer and as the creator of All There August. All There August is a cruelty-free lifestyle brand and blog that empowers individuals to be balanced and great in all areas of life. “Being an ethical lifestyle brand gives us the opportunity and responsibility to create products, services, and content with a meaning that spreads positivity to all.”

“Being All There August doesn’t mean you must follow or live a particular lifestyle. It is more of your own authentic journey through life and what makes you balanced and great in positive ways. Living life to the fullest and using all your given talents without harming any being along the way, now that’s All There August.”

Begun in 2016, her site highlights sustainable brands as well as features posts on curating recycled ensembles, vegan treats, animal welfare and women’s empowerment. Additionally, connecting with your local community is of importance to Jessica. This past April along with the assistance of Texas State Fashion Merchandising students, she collaborated with the San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter to host “Paws & Piñatas” adoption festival.

“I believe in the power of women as a whole but when I can individually add the aspect of being a woman of color, it helps me leverage my voice and also be the voice of women who may not be represented.”

Embracing Your Culture

Born and raised in the racial homogeneous city of Edinburg, Texas in the Rio Grande Valley, in leaving home Jessica realized the world is comprised of varying people, places and cultures. As a result of traveling during her collegiate career, she discovered a deeper love for her Mexican heritage and for those unlike her. Stating, “you don’t realize the beauty your culture (even just the city you live in) has to offer until you venture out. You start to appreciate other cultures and grow fond of your own” she witnesses beauty in unique pieces, local markets, and shops.

Although she’s a proud Latina and appreciates the ability to share her light and relate to others with similar backgrounds, she also acknowledges that her ethnicity isn’t all she has to offer. “If you think you can’t do it (and deep down inside you yearn to) then that’s the very thing you need to do. If you have a dream, it’s not by mistake and you owe it to yourself to give yourself a chance—to give yourself a real shot. You are capable!” Ultimately, she believes in her power to express her talents to the world and wants to empower other trailblazers to do so, too.

“‘The universe is in perfect order’ always reminds me that I have the power to control certain things and others I don’t. At the end of the day being at peace with the way you lived and knowing you used all your talents to the fullest is all that matters.”

The Power of Social Media

As Jessica continues her entrepreneurial journey, she hopes her brand is influencing others to lead a more ethical lifestyle—spreading light on cruelty-free fashion and lifestyle while continuing to help animal and women’s welfare. Additionally, as the entrepreneurial journey can be isolating, she desires the industry to be more supportive.

For new entrepreneurs, “social media is your best friend.” With it.entrepreneurs can connect or collaborate with like-minded business owners or influencers that will then help brands grow and most importantly develop relationships with others. Jessica is on several platforms, but her top pick is Instagram.

“Instagram particularly works for me because it is very visual and my brand is highly based on aesthetics.

“As a brand, you must determine what is important to you and what products/services you have or will have if you are a new business.”

“Is it information based, product based will you be able to gather photos for content easily or will your strongest point be a verbal reach? Once you determine specifics you will then learn what platform(s) will work best for you.”

She also says to not feel pressured to have a presence on every platform—she instead suggests to choose the one you’re most comfortable using, believe in what you’re showcasing the world, and expand organically.

The creator of All There August  also recommends utilizing your city’s resources as “each city offers free or low-cost events and mentoring that help entrepreneurs start their businesses.”

Her final words: “Be fearless, be brave and be be decisive. Multicultural women are beginning to be showcased within entrepreneurship. Our stories are being told and our voices heard. The time is now.”

To keep up with all things “All There August” follow @allthereaugust on Instagram, Twitter and on Facebook at All There August by Jessica Salazar.

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