Latina Spotlight: Meet Kara Perez, Founder of Bravely

Kara Perez is “Financial Goals”

A few days into the New Year, webravelygo posts an Instagram giveaway asking followers to “comment with your 2018 money goal” for an opportunity to win a free ticket to their upcoming retreat. Responses included: “finally pay off credit card debt, buy my first investment property and create a budget and actually stick to it.”

Bravely’s first retreat (to be hosted 19-20 January in Austin, Texas) comes one-year post-launch and focuses on setting financial goals to become financial aficionados.

Bravely was founded by millennial multi-hyphenate, Kara Perez. She’s not only an entrepreneur, but also a freelance writer with several other part-time jobs. It was via her various side hustles that she was able to achieve her financial milestone of becoming debt-free. Throughout her journey, Kara was able to transform what once brought her anxiety into a business she created for less than $2,000.

Now, she’s empowering and assisting other women along their financial journeys.

“I wanted to see actionable advice for women to get their money right. I felt like it didn’t exist anywhere and so I figured: I can do that.”Kara Perez, Founder of Bravely


About Bravely

Bravely is a financial literacy company for women. Providing online tools and hosting financial literacy events throughout Austin, Bravely seeks for women to take control of their money to live their best life.

The company’s name and mission is rooted in power. It stems from bravery—from being able to face financial habits or to even being brave to alter your life. Post binge-reading stories of women entrepreneurs she realized none of these women entrepreneurs spoke on the financials of how they funded their lives while starting a business. Stating, “there needed to be a place where a woman could go to find the hard numbers on what it’s like to start a clothing company, as well as tools to pay down her student loans,” Bravely fills the void of unknown financial realities of entrepreneurship as well as the journey to obtaining financial freedom. Whether that’s how to pay off debt, how to make more money or investing, this versatile financial literacy company is aimed discussing the full spectrum of money.

At its core, Bravely is a platform where women learn and are empowered to harness their financial power and to #bravelygo in the directions of their dreams.

Do Less But Do It Well: A First Year Review


Fully funded with personal savings and run as a one-woman show, within its first year, Bravely produced a budding online site and hosed eight in-person events with hundreds of attendees. 2017 events included: Get Your Money Right: Freelance Finances; Slay Your Student Loan Debt; and The Power of Purchase: Clothing Swap and Shop Talk.

Reflecting upon a successful first year of Bravely, three resources have been particularly useful for obtaining company goals: Asana for organization; MailChimp for Newsletters; and Instagram for cultivating community and targeting her audience. Regarding utilizing Instagram, Kara suggests to “use great photos (no blurry ones and no bad lighting) and be real—give your audience something to connect with.”

Finally, curating a community within her field has been essential for establishing meaningful relationships, support and business growth. As a result, Kara hosted #coffeeshopcorners in which she invited fellow entrepreneurs to co-work alongside her and joined feminist and financial forces with Tanja Hester of “Our Next Life” to create “The Fairer Cents” podcast. Discussing privilege as well as pay inequity, all content is geared toward sharing stories of womanhood and money.

I want women from all backgrounds to step into their power and to be able to explore the full range of their talents and abilities in the business world.

“Be The Change You Wish To See In The World”

Through her presence and her company, Kara strives to “create safe spaces where women of all backgrounds can come, be heard and learn.” Due to her gender and ethnicity at the forefront of her daily lived experiences, she utilizes them as touchstones for connection, advocacy and continued motivation for her work—and encourages other multicultural individuals to do the same.

Although still in the early stages of her business and most comfortable as pitching as a “local businesswoman,” she has begun receiving national acclaim. Having recently been nominated for a Plutus Award as well as featured in the December 2017 issue of Glamour, she is disrupting exclusive industries and shattering the status quo as CEO of a successful Latina-owned business. Thankfully, Kara Perez is just beginning as she’s the financial powerhouse we all need.   

To keep-up with all things Bravely, follow @bravelygo on Twitter and Instagram via @webravelygo.

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