Success Profile: Maria Elena Salinas, What’s Next for the Voice of Hispanic America

Broadcaster and community advocate, Maria Elena Salinas has become a very important voice within the Hispanic-community advocating for immigrants, families, and their rights for over three decades.

She, alongside co-anchor Jorge Ramos, hosted the main news Spanish-language program on Univision and is moving on to pursue independent projects.

“For years we have been informing the Latino community about their stories,” she said. “Now it is time to tell their stories to different audiences on different platforms.”

Being the daughter of Mexican immigrant parents has allowed her to relate closely to her Univision audience who are mostly made of immigrants and first-generation Spanish-speaking Americans.  Head anchor for Univision, Salinas has used her career to create a platform for the Latin community while fighting for the rights of immigrants and defended them through her stories and reporting.

Salinas has not only broadcasted her beliefs through Univision, but has participated in the bilingual national Democratic presidential candidate debate on Hispanic issues in 2004, and again in 2007 co-hosting the first Democratic and Republican presidential candidate forums in Spanish on the Univision Network.

This transition in her career comes at a time where marginalized communities and immigrants are a focus of the current Presidential administration, and a need for programming and content focused on the unique stories of Hispanic communities is the most prevalent.

“She is someone who understands the situation,” said Natalia Jaramillo, a spokeswoman for We Belong Together, a group that promotes the rights of immigrant families.

“It’s refreshing and inspiring to have someone like her who can sway public opinion, raise her voice and represent the community.”

Salinas began working for Univision in Los Angeles in 1981 after two years in radio. She went on to become the host of the news program and magazine show, “Aqui y Ahora,” and has earned journalistic honors for her dedication and advocacy throughout her career, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ Lifetime Achievement Award as well as seven Emmy’s.

Maria Elena Salinas does not plan on stopping her advocacy instead she is working on independent projects in order to inform audiences on different platforms about the Latino community.


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