Marilyn Lacy, Founder of Marilyn Lacy Ministries, Domestic Violence Survivor


Marylin Lacy, native of Bowie, Maryland, has not had the easiest start. She has faced many adversities in her life. Surviving rape, domestic violence, and various accounts of sexual abuse. In any instance, these situations could have broken a person’s spirit, but Marylin Lacy chose to not only keep going but to inspire others. She is an accomplished Author and Facilitator for the Tamar Ministry at First Baptist Church of Glenarden. She recognized the need to reach beyond the walls of the church and began outreach in the DMV area over 2 years ago. With the outpouring of women and teen girls who has survived sexual abuse reaching out to her for help, Marilyn Lacy Ministries was launched.

“At Marilyn Lacy Ministries our vision is to see a world free from sexual abuse. We are teaching people to recognize the signs of grooming so we can help put an end to sexual trauma. Our mission is to equip survivors with the skills needed to ensure their wellbeing, safety and mental health.”

 A Story of Resilience

Walker’s Legacy recognizes various women for their many talents, achievements, and work in the community. Although we shine a light on this, we know that the women we feature have hardships that have directed their paths to success. Marylin Lacy is no different. We asked her what she feels has been the driving force behind her life and passions, she shares insight:

“Seeing the devastating effect sexual abuse has on a person, how it has the ability to ruin ones life It’s necessary to learn/teach it’s possible to overcome trauma and do something positive with that energy to help others while building trusting relationships/sisterhood that lasts a lifetime.”

This sentiment says alot about Lacy’s character. She never mentions herself, everything that drives her is the ability to help others during their struggle, even when fighting her own battles. She also emphasizes the importance of God and her spiritually as a main source of motivation. When discussing her inspiration for her non profit Lacy attributes her daughters sexual assault as the reason behind creating a safe space for women to share their stories. Marilyn Lacy Ministries our vision is to see a world free from sexual abuse.

On Women of Color in Business

As women of color, there are many ways in which we can help each other: giving back, supporting each other’s endeavors, and always sharing knowledge. Walker’s Legacy asked Marylin to share advice to those starting their own business, she emphasizes the importance to never be discouraged by “No” but let it fuel you to go higher, pursue your dreams, push and pray. Lacy notes that her motivators are her children–7 daughters and 1 son. “It’s important for my children to see our faces as business owners. It’s important that we support one another.” As we conclude, Walker’s Legacy thanks Marylin Lacy on being apart of our organization and being a role model for the many women who have gone through sexual abuse.

“I decided to join Walker’s Legacy because see my story in Madam CJ Walker. It’s an honor to be part of an organization that empowers women of color and allows us to connect and support each other in business and life.”


Morgan Rahman

Morgan Rahman is a Senior at Virginia State University set to graduate May 2020. While attending VSU, Morgan majored in Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and a Minor in Business Management. Throughout her studies, communications was where she found her passion in branding, creating online content, and serving her campus community by leading the communications board on several organizations. As well as studying Mass Communications, she found a way to connect her studies and help surrounding communities by joining an organization called SLOT: The Student Liaison Outreach Team. SLOT allowed for Morgan to do community service, mentor young girls, and exercise her creativity by creating flyers for events and event planning. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree, she plans to continue her education and obtain her Masters.

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