Meet Gabby Rivera, the Creator for Marvel’s First Latina Superhero

Marvel Comics reached out to Brooklyn-based writer Gabby Rivera to become the writing voice behind America Chavez, a Latina, queer superhero.

Best known for her novel, “Juliet Takes a Breath,” Rivera is an LBGTQ advocate and works to create narratives for Latinx people and people of color. Comic writing is a new space for the writer, but Rivera is excited to be taking it on as the mind behind America Chavez.

“Superhero comics seemed so out of my league that I never even imagined it as something I could do. But the second the opportunity came my way, it felt so right”

“I’ve always dreamt up wild, powerful and carefree superheroes that look like me and my family: thick, brown, goofy, beautiful. And now I get to see them come to life. ‘America’ is going to be all those things and it’s [going to] be wild.” Rivera said in an interview

Rivera infuses her Puerto Rican culture and upbringing into the life of her character, America Chavez. Through the comic series, Rivera aims to explore America’s ancestry, history, and what it means to be a Brown woman in a number of dimensions.

“…and like many people who’ve had to leave home at a young age, she’s dealing with that feeling of disconnect, the you’re a foreigner here and out of place when you go ‘home’ type of feeling.” said Rivera

At a time where diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of organization’s efforts, Rivera’s work explores new ground in the current comic-book-reading era, expanding into social media and event garnering the attention of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor

“I get to see groups of little brown girls and their moms all done up in their America Chavez cosplay gear. And the stories that we tell through ‘America’ will be part of their pop culture experience.”

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