Meet Women’s Empowerment Speaker Sarah Fletcher


Who is Sarah Fletcher? 

Sarah Fletcher (aka Welcome Sarah)  is a CEO, Author, Global Podcast Founder + Host, International Speaker, and Influencer. As the CEO and Founder of the Greatness Realized Brand of Companies, Sarah has helped thousands of women reinvent their life, increase their professional influence, and propel their careers and businesses forward. 

What Motivated Her? 

Her entrepreneurial passion was fueled after spending years in the professional development space. After negotiating with the US and Cambodian Embassy’s and receiving approval, Welcome Sarah partnered with Raven’s Hope to launch an elite multi-national program between the United States and Cambodia, that provides education and training to young Cambodian women impacted by Human Trafficking. Over the past nine years, Raven’s Hope has helped hundreds of women become agents of change within Cambodia. 

What Has She Accomplished? 

Sarah’s international work served as an inspiration and catalyst to the launch Welcome Reinvention Media, a platform geared to provide women relevant tools and resources to shift the trajectory and impact of their lives. Her podcast, Welcome To Reinvention, is a global podcast (22 countries and counting) and a part of Welcome Reinvention Media. She is a published author. “DECLARE: Unleash Greatness Through Mental Fitness”, which gives readers access to a life-changing process that allows them to win the silent battles in the mind they face every day. The sequel, “DECLARE: It Is Written” is a Devotional that was published this year, and she has begun the process for her 3rd book about Black women and economics. Additionally, she is a recent nominee for the 2020 Nashville Emerging Leader of the Year Awards.

Walker’s Legacy is honored to have Sarah Fletcher as a guest speaker on our virtual morning chat series, ‘Cowork and Connect’ on October 7, 2020, at 10:30 AM EST to discuss ways to reinvent yourself.

Camille Campbell

Camille is a current student at Bowie State University studying Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. Her strong passion for helping women of color excel in the business world was fueled by her exposure to two boss women in business: her mom and older sister.

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