Mompreneur Deeqo Jibril May be the First Muslim Woman to be Elected in the Boston City Council

“And I said, ‘No, no, your voice matters. And it should matter. And if it doesn’t matter, we gotta make it matter.”- Deeqo Jibril

Courageous, determined, and inspired, Deeqo Jibril is a Boston-based Somali immigrant may make history as the first Muslim woman to be elected to the Boston City Council.

In 1991, Jibril and her family fled the civil war in Somalia later migrating to a refugee camp in Kenya before coming to the states.  With much determination and few possessions, Jibril – who is also a single mother,  is using her understanding of the challenges faced by immigrants and low-income communities to drive her political pursuits. Once she gained her citizenship in 2008, Jibril was ecstatic to have the ability to cast her vote for the first black president that November.   Jabril explained to NBC News that where she comes from, voting is not an option for women and that democracy, women’s rights, and the right to vote have to be learned in order to fight for justice.   Driven by this, she has been known to be all hands on deck for several local political campaigns.

In addition to being a political activist, Jibril is also the founder of The African Market located in Roxbury, Massachusetts which contains several small businesses that focus on the care of immigrants and refugees in the area.  Jibril has also created the Somali Community and Cultural Association, which focuses on helping women refugees to transition to their new lifestyle in America.

The primary election will take place on September 26th in which Jibril states that “I am continuing my activism regardless of who wins. I am an advocate for all types of rights. I am a coalition builder. As a public servant, it’s all about serving the community.”

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