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Natasha Benjamin is a well-rounded specialist in all aspects of communications and integrated marketing. Natasha strategically builds and scales some of the most prolific and innovative brands. Using her vast experience within the industry, she also educates the next generation of professionals and entrepreneurs.

Natasha also served as the Newark Instructor for PROSPECTUS, our 9-week accelerator program for ambitious and entrepreneurial women here at Walker’s Legacy. We caught up with Natasha to learn more about her experiences, accomplishments, and future plans within the business world. Keep reading to be inspired by her journey! 

Natasha’s Career

What exactly does Natasha do?  The day-to-day duties and responsibilities of a communications specialist are not widely known. With experience in industries ranging from entertainment, media, B2B, civic, STEM, and lifestyle sectors, Natasha has contributed to numerous areas of marketing within the past decade. Her strengths, such as leading social media strategy and developing online communities for various brands, have allowed her to assist companies in valuation and revenue growth.

Not only has Natasha learned the ins and outs of her field, but she has also instructed students at her alma mater, New York University, within the Division of Programs in Business as well as advised graduate students on integrated communications research. Her students have gone on to work for global and national companies as well as create consulting agencies.

Natasha’s “Why”

It is evident that Natasha is not only a well sought after communications guru, but is also a devoted teacher and mentor.  But why does she do it? We asked Natasha to tell us what she’s most passionate about. She responded,

“I’m most passionate about creating equity, ‘slow travel’ in order to really immerse myself in other cultures (17 countries & counting), my family, and leading women to more Christ-centered relationships.”

Every successful entrepreneur or person in business has embarked on a journey to reach their current status. How did Natasha get to this point in her life? Why does she continue to work in her field? Natasha says,

“Technology has completely changed the communications space while also creating global accessibility. The first wave of my career was grounded in really understanding this ever-evolving landscape. Currently in my second wave, teaching and studying Internet data will be just as important. When I made the decision 8 years ago to get into the Internet and communications space, it was because of my love for storytelling and passion for equity. And it still is.”

Natasha’s Journey + Hopes for Others

On her road to success, Natasha has accomplished several things. We asked which achievement she feels is the most significant,

“Returning back to my graduate alma mater, New York University, to teach students and advise research within the integrated communications space over the past four years has been the most significant part of my career. Part of my work at NYU led me to lead the task force committee that overhauled our social media course, creating a new mandated graduate social media course based on graduate curriculum and NY state guidelines. My experience with teaching and advising at NYU, expanded my business reach but most importantly cemented my goals of advising the next generation of professionals, entrepreneurs and innovators.”

As women in business, or women in general, it is important to give back and support your sisters along the way. Natasha has been doing just that, so kudos to her! We also asked Natasha to let us know if she’s had any mentors during her journey, to which she answers:

“Absolutely! I attribute who I am to my IRL village —my late grandmother, my parents, sister, family, friends and spiritual mentors. These people have taught me, and are still teaching me, necessary life lessons. And then there’s of course, the mentors or village you don’t personally know, but gain access to.”

Natasha also mentions the late Toni Morrison as an inspiration with an immense impact on her life. She describes Morrison as “the perfect example of what it meant to use your natural gift to center those who the world would often try to ‘other.’”

Walker’s Legacy is the largest digital platform for multicultural women in business. So, finally, we wanted to know what Natasha sees in the near future for entrepreneurial women of color. She responds,

“There is an amazing resurgence of multicultural women-owned businesses and it’s only the beginning! In 2019 alone, 89% of new businesses opened every day were by women of color. Over the next five years, my hope is that more resources, tools, access to funding and culturally competent spaces for our businesses to strive will help to reduce the economic and systemic challenges we face.”

Danielle Thomas

Danielle is a current student at Towson University studying Business Administration with a Marketing concentration and a minor in Economics. With a strong passion for working towards the professional success of women, Danielle is a part of various student organizations such as Women in Business and MentHER. Danielle has also worked in multiple social media marketing roles throughout her academic career.

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