Regina Holbert, CEO of Hair+Space Blowdry and Beauty Bar

Regina Holbert is more than just your average woman. She is a wife and mother, a school counselor, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority incorporated, and the Founder & CEO of Hair+Space Blowdry and Beauty Bar, where she also works as a hairstylist. Whether it be by beauty or by helping the youth of Prince George’s County, Regina balances it all and will share some tips on how to balance work + home and how to look fabulous while doing it. 



Prior to becoming the woman she is today, Regina was a student at the University of Maryland, College Park where she became a member of the Theta Nu chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha. Before completing her bachelor’s in the areas of Psychology and Public Health, she credits UMD for granting her some of the most memorable and best parts of her life. One part that she deeply remembers is the feeling of wanting to get fresh. She recalls wanting to get all dolled up and her hair styled professionally. However, the lack of stylist that catered to all hair types in the College Park area often left her and many other students at UMD to do their own hair or venture to other places in the DMV area for glamour. Even after she left College Park, she discovered that in 2017-18 the styling options for many women of color had not improved and she had just the solution.



Taking her experience and her skills and combining them together, Regina returned to College Park last fall with the grand opening of Hair+Space, to give to the community what it was lacking. Although Drybars are not a new concept, the concept would be new to College Park—bringing hope and excitement to women of all ethnic backgrounds and a chance to feel beautiful and seen for the first time. Regina spoke about the importance of making beauty accessible to all women regardless of texture and ethnicity.

“This IS our mission! To provide an affordable, convenient, luxurious, and on-trend hair styling experience for all women and all hair types. We love all women and our only goal is for everyone to feel comfortable and confident that we know their hair.”

This statement reigns true. The clientele of Hair+Space ranges from all types of textures from 1a to 4c with women of all ethnicities flocking to receive an arrangement of treatments from Hair+Space. This range includes 5 types of blowouts from Supernova Straight to Cosmic Curls, and services ranging from $47 to $65 or $35 to $55 for children 3-10 with additional services available. In addition, Hair+Space only uses Amika products to ensure clients are given vegetarian-friendly, cruelty-free, and sulfate-free, all-natural products that are amongst the best in hair care. That only covers the hair  in Hair+Space. Regina’s love for women and their passion goes beyond hair and into connecting other women of color entrepreneurs with their communities as well. The studio located on Baltimore Ave also serves as an event space where other entrepreneurs can host their own events and pop-ups.



We sat down with Regina to figure out her winning formula on how to manage the balance between work and life as well as how it’s like being a Black woman entrepreneur.


What advice do you have for young black women who are now turning to entrepreneurship as a means to be their own boss?

“My advice is to build a foundation first. I do not advise pursuing entrepreneurship without knowing how your bills are going to be paid.  Once your business or side hustle is able to pay you a salary, then consider jumping into full-time entrepreneurship.  Now of course… If you don’t have any bills, or you have someone taking care of them, and/or you have some idea or product that you KNOW is going to profit out the gate, by all means..have at it…but I don’t have any get rich quick stories.”

How has it been navigating the world as a black women CEO, do you think it’s harder for black women even though we see black women becoming the leading demographic in terms of starting businesses?

 “This is a hard question. I think it’s personal and relative to your life experience. I think the perception is that we may not have a familial donation of $100,000 to start our businesses because there isn’t much generational wealth in the black community. So, that means it’s harder; but if we have the wherewithal to figure out funding and create a great business plan, and solve a problem, then our chances are just as great as the next person.”

What’s the most rewarding part of being a CEO?  

“The most rewarding part of being a CEO is providing jobs and opportunities for people and providing an amazing experience for clients.  My stylists know that I try my best so that they can eat.  I have yet to pay myself since we’ve opened.”

Apart from being a beautiful CEO, you are also a PGCPS counselor and a mother, how do you maintain a healthy work-life balance? Is there any advice you’d give to other mothers looking to start their own business? 

“Yes! I am a full-time School Counselor. Education has always been my first love and it provides a great foundation. Although, I have always maintained a side hustle or part-time job. When I became a wife and mom, doing it all seemed impossible. With the support of my husband, I’ve been able to pursue my dreams outside of my career.  My advice to moms is to secure a solid support system and maintain a healthy schedule in order to do it all. I try my best to make sure that my husband and daughter get the attention they need, and ensure that I have enough sleep (I’m a stickler for 8 hours).  It’s tough! I’m still working on this.”

For more information on Regina Holbert and Hair+Space Blowdry and Beauty Bar check out the company’s Instagram page.

Isha Kamara

Isha is a Communications Intern at Walkers Legacy. She also owns her own brand Iced Out Cosmetics that launched in 2018, which she uses to uplift WOC and LGBT members by using makeup as a tool for diversity. Through Iced Out Cosmetics, Isha has been a member of UMD's Startup Shell Xi Batch, Terp Startup 2019 Cohort, and Do Good Spring Fellowship for Spring 2020.

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