Salt Lake County Elects First Woman and Latina as Sheriff

Image via: The Salt Lake Tribune

The prestigious law enforcement position of County Sheriff is no longer vacant in Salt Lake County. With 24 years of experience within numerous law enforcement departments, Rosie Rivera has been selected to fill Jim Winder’s remaining 16 months in office.

Of the five candidates, she received 68% of the final vote. During round one, all five candidates were required to give five-minute speeches. Rivera advocated for greater community policing to address local issues such as homelessness, the opioid epidemic and jail bed issue; as well as, fostering good relationships with local and state leaders.

Stating in an interview with KSL, We did make history today, and that’s another thing that’s important. You know, being a female in law enforcement hasn’t always been the easiest thing. But I worked my way through the ranks.”

“I did my time, boots on the ground, and I think I’m now ready to lead Salt Lake County as sheriff”

She also plans to run for reelection in 2018. If approved by the Salt Lake County council, she will become the county’s first woman and Latina to hold this position.

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