Sheri Riley, Empowerment Speaker, Life Strategist, and Award-Winning Author

Sheri Riley is an empowerment speaker, life strategist, and award-winning author who has mastered balancing the roles of a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. Sheri is considered a trendsetter in the entertainment industry—holding 20 years of experience under her belt creating innovative marketing strategies for some of the world’s biggest celebrities and corporations. Do the names Usher, TLC, and Toni Braxton ring a bell? What about the acronyms NBA and TNT? Yeah, Sheri has all of these huge names on her resume with plenty more to offer, too.

Walker’s Legacy reached out to Sheri to learn more about her experiences as well as her hopes for the future within the business world for women of color. Keep reading to find out what tips she’s got to share on how to make choices that will have you on the path to  “less stress, better clarity, and a more fulfilling life.”


The Business

First things first: Let’s talk about Sheri’s journey to not only being Sheri Riley, but being Sheri Riley: the empowerment speaker, the life strategist, the author, and the mentor. Sheri is a best-selling author for her book,  Exponential Living® – Stop Spending 100% of Your Time on 10% of Who You Are. In her book, she discusses the importance of being able to integrate your personal desires into your life without holding back on your professional achievements. Being that Sheri is a dedicated woman to her work, she found that there was often something missing from her life. Her book is her guide to help women alike navigate the complexities of a work-life balance. 

We asked Sheri to tell us what she believes is her most significant accomplishment in her career. While she feels blessed to have collaborated with a number of influential people in various areas of business, entertainment, sports, and politics, Sheri shares that she is most proud of the people she has mentored and coached to help them reach their desired level of success.

“It’s my purpose and my sincerest pleasure to serve as a guide to help people navigate the valleys and challenges they face and not only overcome these barriers, but also excel in their accomplishments.” 


The Passion

In every great entrepreneur lies a deep passion and love for what they do. It’s clear that Sheri does not limit her success to exclusively surround her own advancement in her career, but also views her ability to help others as an equally notable accomplishment. With passion comes reason. We were curious to know what Sheri is most passionate about…


I am passionate about my continued spiritual growth, my daughters living the fullness of their purpose and passion, sustaining a passionate, supportive, and caring marriage, and continually scaling my business to help and support my clients at the highest level.” 


As women of color in business, we know personally what it’s like to be turned down, set back, and experience failure. So why does Sheri Riley feel that her work is important? Here’s what she lets us know…


I know what it’s like to reach the highest levels of professional success and crash and burn. To have the world celebrating your achievements, yet you are empty and depleted.” 

Sheri also touches on the sad reality that many successful entrepreneurs often experience depression due to being overwhelmed and having a lack of resources and guidance. Although Sheri was at the height of her career, she also shares that she was miserable. She found that having only professional success will not buy you peace, happiness, or clarity. When you are only prospering in one aspect of life,
you are spending 100% of your time on 10% of who you are. Reconnecting with herself, her family, and friends is what inspired Sheri to write her award-winning book, Exponential Living® (Penguin Random House).

Even though Sheri is a huge help to others, she didn’t forget to mention who she is influenced by. She shares a few people who have kept her grounded and inspired her along her journey to success…


“My mentors are my parents, Raoul Davis, John Maxwell, Michael Hyatt, Paul Martinelli, Roddy Galbraith, and my sister circle of AMAZING women who pour into me daily, are consistently available when I need them, and unconditionally stand with me at all times.” 

We are glad to know that a powerful woman such as Sheri is surrounded by a great level of love and support!


The Future

Women of color are rapidly increasing in the world of business and entrepreneurship. With that being said, we wanted to learn more about Sheri’s hopes for the future — specifically within the next five years. With high emphasis, Sheri answers: pay equity! Sheri would like to see change from salaries to employers, to contracts for entrepreneurs, and to fees for speakers—being that women of color are delivering the same level of products. Therefore, we should be getting paid accordingly. (We feel you on that one, Sheri.)

From awards and recognitions ranging from an NAACP Image Award nomination to The Atlanta Business League’s Creative Style Award, there is no limit to what Sheri Riley can accomplish when she sets her mind to it. 



Danielle Thomas

Danielle is a current student at Towson University studying Business Administration with a Marketing concentration and a minor in Economics. With a strong passion for working towards the professional success of women, Danielle is a part of various student organizations such as Women in Business and MentHER. Danielle has also worked in multiple social media marketing roles throughout her academic career.

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