Success Profile: Meet Dunia Antunez, Owner of FabSpa Services

The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce National Convention is the largest gathering of professional Latinos in the world. Held in November, this event attracts thousands of multicultural professionals, entrepreneurs, local chamber leaders and corporate executives that attend workshops and establish connections to advance the state of Latino entrepreneurship—overall, it’s a testament to the growing power and community of American Latinos.

At this past year’s event, amongst the thousands of sharp attendees, Dunia Antunez was magnetic. Not only poised and beautiful, she was kind and passionate about the advancement of multicultural women. After our initial conversation and continued exchanges, it was solidified that her beauty is not just external—it genuinely emanates from within and via every encounter.

Fab Spa Services

Being 35 with three college-bound children would scare some out of switching career paths; however, her unique circumstances only propelled her into launching her first business. After working as an executive secretary and cocktail waitress for 17 years, Dunia enrolled in an aesthetician program and soon launched her own endeavor, Fab Spa Services.

As a Latina and extroverted personality, she wanted her business to be exciting—hence, the addition of ‘fabulous” within her company’s name. Even more so, she wanted the spa experience for her professional clientele to be a re-invigorating experience. As an extension of Fab Spa Services, Dunia has also compiled a team of beauty agents from various aspects of the beauty industry within Las Vegas, called “LV Beauty Agents.” Throughout events in the city, they offer clients a fun way to learn about beauty, health and business as well as various salons, spas and boutiques.

“I believe you attract your tribe. I take great care in looking good, so my brand is reflected in who I am and how I look.”

Latina Power


Outside of FabSpa Services, her power also extends amongst her various commitments. As the Director of Business Development for the Nevada Hispanic Business Group, she garners awareness within the Latino business community to generate new membership.

Becoming a business owner takes an infinite amount of work and devotion to implementing your idea but is worthwhile, states Ms. Antunez: “financial independence is the most important virtue for many minorities seeking asylum from the daily grand of traditional work structures and becoming business owners can provide a different type of lifestyle.” Dunia is ensuring that those within her community can too “build their dreams in the land of dreams.” Crediting resources such as: FORMULA and The Small Business Administration and Service Corps of Retired Executives (S.C.O.R.E.) for assistance throughout all stages of growing her business, her greatest hope is that more Latino’s will harness the opportunity for entrepreneurship.

“There are no limits on what a woman cannot do. I am an independent business owner, and I set my own goals—no one sets them for me. I can go as high I want to go.”

Beauty is Skin Deep

Within an industry that’s often reduced to its superficiality, Dunia’s beauty continues to be revealed. In the months following #USHCCDallas, she’s been hard at work participating in PAWS on the Runway for animal rescue; Cinderella’s Closet; a teen exposition; job fair and fashion show; as well as, hosting a make-up and headshot beauty mixer. Ultimately, Dunia Antunez is a professional image consultant and entrepreneur extraordinaire—she not only makes clientele look and feel good but is also bringing her community along for her continued success.

To keep up with Dunia Antunez’s endeavors, follow @fabspaparties on Instagram and ‘LVbeautyagents’ on Facebook.

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